English Premier League & F.A. Cup: Six of the Best Own Goals in Recent History

Martin SaltCorrespondent IMay 12, 2011

English Premier League & F.A. Cup: Six of the Best Own Goals in Recent History

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    In it goes! In the wrong net!

    It's bad enough when your team is struggling in a match and suffers a beating. But nothing is more annoying than one of your own players scoring for the opposition.

    At the top level of English football, even the best players are not immune to disaster. Check out this list of howlers.

6) Peter Crouch: Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur May 2011

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    I know this one is recent but it is included for two important reasons:

    1) It put Manchester City into the Champions League. Never has an own goal been worth millions.

    2) I was under the impression that Crouch was a striker for Tottenham. It looked like he was looking for the casual goal poachers flick into the bottom corner.

    It's a quality finish from the tall England striker. I'm quite sure the Manchester City fans appreciate it as well.

5) Abou Diaby: Manchester United vs. Arsenal August 2009

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    Ryan Giggs is an excellent free kick taker. His set pieces have helped Manchester United to many important victories.

    Giggs probably didn't expect the spectacular finish coming from one of United's biggest rivals.

    A pinpoint header from Abou Diaby past his own goalkeeper. It's quite probable Diaby thought that if a team had to score, it had to be Arsenal....

4) Tony Popovic: Portsmouth vs. Crystal Palace September 2004

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    This own goal is pure beauty.

    A fine flick into the top corner of his own net by the Australian international.

    It was so perfect that his own fans were probably applauding the finish.

3) Lee Dixon: Arsenal vs. Coventry 1991

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    Lee Dixon is an Arsenal legend. A top class defender with 458 appearances for the Gunners.

    Unfortunately, Dixon had the habit of scoring goals for the other team. This is the best one.

    With the ball at his feet and no opposition player anywhere near him, Dixon decides to pass the ball back to his keeper. Pass back meaning lob...

2) Peter Enckelman: Birmingham City vs. Aston Villa September 2002

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    There is a big rivalry between these two local clubs and there is nothing like a derby match.

    However, Enckelman forgot that he could kick the ball as well as pick it up.

    There was no pressure on Enckelman as the ball was thrown back to him by one of his own teammates.

    The biggest misfortune was being in front of the Birmingham fans. Did one of them shout "hey Peter" to distract him?

1) Djimi Traore: Burnley vs. Liverpool (FA Cup) January 2005

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    This is my number one for Traore attempting to pull off a stylish clearance.

    However, Traore did forget that showboating is not a good idea when next to your own goal line.

    If he had pulled the trick off it would have been pretty awesome. However Traore is no Cristiano Ronaldo and ended up making himself the butt of jokes for years to come.