Manchester United: Has Ryan Giggs' Super-Injunction Helped United to EPL Title?

Yoosof FarahSenior Writer IIIMay 10, 2011

Ryan Giggs: Alleged To Have Obtained a Super-injunction
Ryan Giggs: Alleged To Have Obtained a Super-injunctionLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Rumours are starting to surface that it was Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs who has allegedly obtained a super-injunction to block reports of his alleged affair with Imogen Thomas. 

One Twitter user/civil law activist, who has caused shock waves across the British media, claims "footballer Ryan Giggs had an extramarital affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas which lasted for seven months."

For ages, media from across the world have been poring over who this mystery Premier League star could have been.

Now, just as his Manchester United team have all but wrapped up the league title, it appears Ryan Giggs might allegedly be that mystery man.

And so, could it be that Giggs' alleged super-injunction has not only limited damage to his own reputation and ego, but also helped the Red Devils win the Premier League title?

Of course, Giggs would've obtained a super-injunction on grounds of privacy, in a bid to protect his image (both publicly and perhaps even his image among his United teammates) and earnings from his workout DVD plus sponsorships deals with companies such as Reebok.

But he could've also, albeit inadvertently, obtained a super-injunction to keep the pressure and intense media spotlight off his team.

After all, had he not got the gagging order, or even just applied for an injunction, journalists would consistently pose questions to Giggs and his manager Sir Alex Ferguson about the alleged affair, which obviously wouldn't go down well in the Old Trafford camp, and could've easily led to a downward spiral within the team.

When John Terry had his super-injunction lifted following his extramarital affair, on grounds of freedom of expression, the media scrutiny was firmly fixed on Stamford Bridge, affecting Terry's subsequent performances, his team's performances (even though they went on to lift the league and cup) and ultimately making him lose out on the England captaincy.

Had this been Ryan Giggs, no doubt his stellar performances at the grand old age of 37 would've diminished as none of the media focus would be about his football, with United losing out on one of their most important and experienced players. 

Giggs' teammates would've also been affected, knowing that even if they do well and comfortably beat their opponents, the newspaper headlines would be hardly about what happened on the pitch; that's when it becomes all the more harder winning games, when players know they won't get the recognition they deserve.

It would've also been tougher for the manager, putting extra effort in to try and keep the players fully focused on all things football, and maybe even having to keep himself focused.

And of course, other teams around United in the table would be sniffing blood, gaining extra belief in the idea they could topple the Red Devils and take advantage of off-field problems.  

So perhaps a lesson was learned from the John Terry saga by Ryan Giggs and Manchester United, with a super-injunction obtained to keep the focus fully on football and the job at hand, at least until the season is over anyway.

It seems to have worked, as there appears to be a real harmony in the United team at the moment, with total focus on achieving league glory.

But the big question is, now this alleged super-injunction has come to light, will it affect Giggs and United in the Champions League final?