Five Bold Reasons Why Manchester United Will Win the EPL 2010-11

Maxx GCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2011

Five Bold Reasons Why Manchester United Will Win the EPL 2010-11

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    Sitting atop of the Premier League at the moment, Manchester United fans are joyous with their Red Devils. United is taking the EPL this year by a storm. Their no-nonsense strategies and plays are winning for them ways to CL and as well as the PL.

    The game is still on, with some matches to decide the fate of the Kings or the Losers. So, here to present you 5 of the boldest reasons as to why United will win the silverware this season.

    Caution, this can be utterly and deliciously poisonous for the opponent teams supporters. As truths are opened here. Know it.

1. Arsenal Are Living Upto the "Chokers" Tag

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    Three draws from the last three games, Arsenal are not riding high really on manager Arsene Wenger's shoulders.

    Though this sort of "be happy within the fourth" attitude has already being a consistent phenomenon for the Gunners in the recent years, Wenger's men started this season with a storm and were thought to challenge the race for the title in a stronger fashion.

    However, as they say, Arsenal lived upto the tag of chokers. Playing great in the intial and middle phases of the season, and then surrendering to pressure like a bottlenecked manner, is what Arsenal is doing for all this time.

    With players like Cesc Fabregas (though been a shadow of what he has been), Samir Nasri, Andrey Arshavin or Robin Van Persie, we do not expect a draw from Arsenal at the Emirates against weaker teams.

    Have the Gooners expected? Oh, it should be common to them now.

2. Chelsea Is a Lost Boat in the Bigger Sea

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    Carlo Ancelotti's men have faltered and fumbled this season from quite a beginning, and now when they were starting to be back in form, they are losing the pace again with less points from easier games.

    Frank Lampard is still the livewire of the team, with recent investments in players like Ramires have not yet proved to be good enough. The only good in David Luiz is evident though.

    And the mammoth deal on the beautiful striker from Liverpool? Oh, Fernando Torres? Who is he? Sounds similar if you ask Torres some-days later about scoring and he will reply, Scoring? What's it?

    Surely, Chelsea is not running with destiny, but they are just too slow this year. After United beats Chelsea in the Champion's League, the Blues will further lose their confidence and may have to fight for the fourth place battle with the others.

3. The Others Are Not Mighty Enough

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    The others?

    Manchester City is an obvious name here. Raised from the heaps of gold and diamonds, the sky blue army is not actually sky high, but tasting the soil of the ground below. With terrific investments in players like Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli, or Jerome Boateng Manchester City still cannot win games,save the Manager and challenge the race. The manager pleads to Carlos Tevez to come and save his job. What a pity for a diamond rich team, they are back to dependency to that same Tevez again.

    Tottenham Hotspur has been wonderful specially in this year's Champion's League, and it seems like Harry Redknapp's men are extra focusing on part of CL only. EPL silverware seems to be going long away from their reach, with below average performances against below average opponents.

    Liverpool? You mean the Reds? You mean Steven Gerrard and his army? Oh, still cannot remember when I saw a string of whooping performances from them. They played a brilliant match and beat United, and somedays later they play horrible and lose to a team like West Bromwich Albion. Consistency and passion to win, goes missing within the Reds.

4. United Looks Stronger and Sweeter

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    The main players of United are fit and running the show. That is all we want.

    Antonio Valencia is back finally in full momentum after the bad injury he suffered. He and Nani together can add up the real boost in the team.

    Nemanja Vidic is also back from his injury and the king Vida must always be present at the back to dominate and guide the youngsters like Chris Smalling or Evans. His presence is something which cannot be missed.

    Wayne Rooney has come back to form. After his hat-trick against West Ham United and making Manchester win a losing match, Rooney has silenced his critics. He was omnipresent in the match, at the box, in the defense or in the centre of the game.

    A fit and good squad, and this is going to be United's year.

5. In Ferguson We Trust

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    When we talk of big investments, when we speak of removing the Glazers and putting some rich daddy as owners, when we think we have lost the game, it is then he who builds the hopes for the millions and trillions of United fans over the globe.

    Alex Ferguson is running a team with nil transfer budge as compared to his competitors and still he shows that United has the guts to fight even when they are injured, they have the heart to go on even with a bleeding feet.

    His strategies of playing Dimitar Berbatov, or subbing Nani are all a part of his strategy throuh which he aims to see dream come true. We trust in him.

    And we too say being united, this year the silverware will be ours.