Brazil Outclass the Scottish on All Levels as Neymar and Liverpool Lucas Shine

Sammy BalContributor IIMarch 28, 2011

Neymar of Santos FC
Neymar of Santos FC

A packed Emirates Stadium on Sunday was treated to a rare display of top-level football as a renewed Brazilian squad took to the field.

Brazil was still without the presence of their top midfielder, Paulo Ganso, but even so were able to dominate proceedings versus a much-inferior Scottish national side.

As expected, the Scots spent most of the time chasing shadows as Brazil touched the ball around, displaying a whole other pedigree of football.

Santos FC superstar Neymar was at his leisure, weaving through the clumsy oafs in blue even though suffering the usual barrage of violent fouls often associated with their brand of what they call football.

Neymar scored a double, the only goals of the match. Even so, he was jeered and booed off by local and Scottish fans, which begs the question, do they even like football?

Other outstanding performances came from Lucus (Sao Paulo), who had a scintillating 20-minute run, also twisting and turning the lanky, unskilled Scots and setting up two clear chances, one of which was wasted by Jonas of Gremio.

The other clear chance was blocked by an obvious handball (a la Thierry Henry) in the Scottish area, which somehow did not result in a penalty.

The English referee did not give this chance for a third goal versus Scotland in a match played in London. When you say it like that, somehow it now makes sense.

The other fantastic showing was by Lucas (Liverpool). His outstanding work came not so much from his actual play, but rather from his top-class personality. 

After Neymar had scored his second goal, some racist local fan threw a banana on to the pitch close to him.

This racist gesture is a very common one in many backward European countries nowadays. 

Lucas stepped up and removed it from the pitch, showing character sorely lacked by the Scottish, who proved to match their primitive football with similar behaviour off the pitch.

Some major television networks have not shown the images and the Scottish FA have outright denied that it even happened. 

However, we have this wonderful media called the Internet nowadays, which just seems to destroy lies over and over and over again.

God bless the US of A for inventing it.

So, in this article there is a link to the images of the racist act the Scots say never happened, putting an end to any speculation once and for all.

Neymar described the incident as simply sad. Lucas (Liverpool) had a lot more to say about the racism in Europe.

As for the English referee, Howard Webb? He stood about a few inches from the incident. He had a little giggle about it with a Scottish player also looking on...and that was the end of it.