Does Robbie Keane make the grade?

Tomi SalvucciContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Robbie Keane has had a few weeks to settle in at Liverpool and so far so good. 

Aside from his first game blunder, where he blocked a sure Fernando Torres goal, he has been able to help spread the offensive attack and give Torres more one v one options with defenders.  Which will pay dividends in the late stages of the year and Champions League legs.

Is that enough though.  To date no goals and one yellow card is all he has to show for his high profile transfer that cost Liverpool £20million.  He did chip in his first assist though this weekend which shows he is trying, I guess.

The main thing you want to look at is league standings.  Currently tied atop the table with Chelsea on 14 points is a complete success.  Considering teams like Arsenal, who had a major slip up this week to Hull, and Manchester United, who have not shown there typical form as of yet, are multiple points behind. 

Keane and company can take the first full month of play as a good sign.

Torres, coming off his early season injury, looks more comfortable by the minute with Keane slotted behind him or wide of him.  A one on one Torres, with his strength, is a formidable opponent to any center back in the world.

Make no mistake, he is not as popular at Anfield as Gerrard and Torres, but he is already a fan pick.  He gives the team a legitimacy they have lacked since there last title run.  That's why he was brought in.

With so much being made of the Premier League being the best in the world a team like Liverpool has to figure in the plans of world domination for this league.  They are the most storied franchise in the league, and deservedly so.

At the present he is a deflector for the top guys and he may never be the goal man he once was but I would have to rate his start with this club as a solid B-. 

After all when Irish eyes are smilin'....