Bergkamp Plea: Former Arsenal Legend Urges Arsene Wenger To Sign "Big" Names

Pras VasudevanContributor IMarch 6, 2011

Dennis Bergkamp believes Arsenal could do with a few "big" players
Dennis Bergkamp believes Arsenal could do with a few "big" players

It seems Dennis Bergkamp has heard the pleas of countless Arsenal supporters throughout England, as the legendary iceman called upon Arsene Wenger to splurge the club's funds during the summer transfer window on proven talent.

The Arsenal manager has been notoriously frugal with his financial resources, which in part may be due to his background in economics. Wenger's undying philosophy of nurturing talent at a young age has been commendable, but not particularly successful, as the Gunners are without a trophy in the sixth year running.

Bergkamp has noticeably been alarmed by this trend, and has publicly urged Wenger to fortify the North London squad with new, experienced players.

The Dutchman has indubitably been there and done that, and with such vast footballing knowledge, it would be a wise move for Wenger to heed Bergkamp's advice. As a player, Bergkamp knows the feeling of not tasting success, and believes Arsenal's trophy-less drought would psychologically affect performances on the pitch. 

Essentially, if Wenger remains insistent that his current squad has what it takes to man up to the title challenge, he will have to remain cautious. Wenger will have to ensure his existing players remain content with their manager's values.

The case of Freddie Ljungberg would ring a precarious bell. The Swedish footballer became conspicuously frustrated of Wenger's reluctance to purchase the "big" players needed for Arsenal to become the real deal, and consequently left the club.

Ultimately, one cannot ignore the blatant truth in Bergkamp's statements. Arsenal are a great club with great players. However, when the top players are susceptible to injuries, the Gunners' season is bound to falter.

When the responsibilities of gunning Arsenal to victory in a derby match are rested on relatively inexperienced shoulders, one cannot really blame the players in the event of defeat. The manager should apprehend the fact that a combination of experience and youth is indispensable.  

Although it may sound somewhat cliché, the prospective signings of "big" players could be just the tonic to renovate Arsenal's title ambitions.