World Football: Ranking the 25 Worst 'Tackles' of All Time (With Video)

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World Football: Ranking the 25 Worst 'Tackles' of All Time (With Video)
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Fundamentally football is down to skill, talent and ability. Yet there is an far more abhorrent practice that underpins the essence of the game itself. Sadly thuggery, and it’s practitioners are as much a part of football as the maelstrom of tricks and goals that make the game so aesthetically fulfilling. Whilst normally contained within the guise of a tackle this practice, on occasion transcends boundaries between the football pitch and real life; occasions that shake the moral fibre of the game to its core.

Some of the following 25 events are the later and some simply the former. Some, could be validated as ’mistimed’, some quite conclusively cannot. Many have resulted in simply horrific injuries, some too hideous to even show. One thing they all have in common, however, is that they have no place in football. Like a blight on the horizon they have served to undermine the honourable, ’fair play’ that world football today, as ever, should be symbiotic with. It isn't and here’s why:

25 examples, ranked, to the best of my ability. There are more no doubt, a brief such as this makes exemptions almost an inevitability. One thing I hope you will agree on though is that all 25 have no place in football, now or forever. So without further ado..... the videos.

Footnote: Not for the squeamish, please believe me... 

My computer wouldn't let me include the video in the media slot because of a slow uploading interface, all videos are therefore included at the bottom of the slide, sorry for the inconvenience. 


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