Nicklas Bendtner: The Biggest Joke, Yet Still a Pivotal Part of Arsenal

Pras VasudevanContributor IFebruary 10, 2011

Bendtner has been criticised for more than just not being able to control a ball
Bendtner has been criticised for more than just not being able to control a ballMike Hewitt/Getty Images

Professional footballers have constantly been accused of not having the level of confidence required to compete in the top-flight leagues. So what's the matter with having a little more confidence? Nothing, unless you are Danish and have Bendtner as a surname.

Nicklas Bendtner has been making the headlines a fair bit in recent days—not for the right reasons—and in the process has developed a fanbase for himself—several critics. The lanky Dane possesses a fairly decent range of skills, however the guy's uncanny ability to heap praise upon himself on a regular basis is not particularly the most commendable trait in his curriculum vitae.

In a recent interview by journalists, Bendtner certainly raised a few eyebrows when he said his £52,000 a week salary justifies the sacrifices he has had to make to become a "top-class" footballer. Such sacrifices include giving up skiing trips, having a hoard of fans publicly invading his privacy and his precious body having to endure the gruelling training sessions Arsene Wenger puts him through.

These statements may have angered a considerable amount of Arsenal and football fans alike. Personally, however, I think Bendtner is plain hilarious. The footballing world has at times been unreasonable as well, whereby fairly average situations have been taken much too seriously. For example, Ryan Babel being fined over a Twitter rant and Lionel Messi facing punishment by dedicating a goal to his grandma. Hence Bendtner is a breath of fresh air amidst these ludicrous events in football.

To be fair to the Dane, being overconfident has its perks. Bendtner may not have convinced the world with his footballing abilities, but he definitely managed to convince a female member of the Danish Royal family to have dinner with him. 

Nevertheless, Bendtner ought to realise that he is a mediocre footballer at best. If his claims of being watched in public areas are verified, these curious onlookers are probably not checking him out but rather his beautiful royal girlfriend. It is unfortunate the couple have recently parted ways. Perhaps his latest ego-outburst is a sign the Dane is dating new ladies, in search for a new Mrs. Bendtner. 

Albeit making a complete fool of himself at times, the Danish striker remains an integral part of Arsene Wenger's plans and Arsenal's success. He is making good improvement as a player, having honed his close control skills and delivering more accurate passes, among others. Bendtner, at the age of 23, still has a long road ahead of him.

The manager is well aware of this fact, and continues to believe in the talent that is Nicklas Bendtner.