FIFA 2011: 5 Pros and Cons, and the Autosave Trick

Maxx GCorrespondent IIJanuary 31, 2011

FIFA 2011 has been a giant leap over the FIFA 2010 as per the opinions of the lovers of the beautiful game. Out in last year 2010, it must have been a pretty good time by now that the FIFA lovers have played a lot of time their favorite game. 

Are you happy? Or were you still looking for more? Here are some joys and sorrows from the legendary game of FIFA 2011.


  • The game looks visually stunning. Compared to what we had in 2010, this must be a giant leap. The player faces, jerseys, field and stadium with the rains or snow have been given utmost focus to make the game more visually appealing. Even the flag of the linesman moves with the wind!
  • Injury and Subs: This has been given a very realistic angle with game cutscenes showing injuries and substitutions that were not present in the earlier versions. Also, you may lose up a player injured for many weeks just like the real game. So, feeling like a real manager this time?
  • Game Details: As I said that injuries have been added like a reality move, similarly transfer market conditions have also been added with a touch of reality. You may bid for players but end up with excuses like in reality, as they would prefer some other club. Then there is the salary per game/ week condition included. What more? The shooting of the players are directly related with their pace and position, so you cannot just have a blast everytime.
  • The controls: Here I mean the obvious gamepad or joystick controls, It is awesome in here, with a 360 degree control of the player, you can toss the ball, dribble like pros, and enjoy every bit of your ball possession.
  • The EA sports Tracks have definitely improved over time. It really feels great when you hear to some of the awesome tracks like of Linkin Park or Scissor Sisters while you just enter the game.



  • Still mistake in commentaries, which is absolutely not expected at this level of the game. Like the previous versions, you still find easy and silly flaws in the commentary. When the AI of the game is improving so much, why there is still a lag in this?
  • The lack of finer game detailing goes out loud here. Like when you see Wayne Rooney, you feel satisfied with his look. But what about players like Javier Chicharito Hernandez who is driving crowd crazy in Old Trafford? The face is no where to the real player. There are many instances like this. Only big players have been given better focus, leaving out the rest.
  • The keyboard controls? Well, FIFA did a high injustice here may be this time, with focus on the gamepad only, while a majority of the players/users still are into the keyboards. Into the game, no keyboard options were available, and you need to configure it seeing the manuals on net.
  • Missing Options: Still there are no swaps in the transfer market. Player prices seem to be a mismatch with the real world in many cases. Also, when the game is stressing so much on reality then, why do not the clubs negotiate more when you bid for a player? We are waiting FIFA for your next show.
  • The Autosave Feature!!! Oh my god, what the heck is this? Though FIFA has stressed on the real part of the game, where one game gone is gone, no replays... still, players all over the world are highly frustrated about this Automatic Autosave feature of FIFA 2011, which cannot be turned off in the game. So, you lose one, you lose it permanently, cannot make a comeback here.


The Autosave Trick:

Actually, you may call this more of a Autosave bypass trick, that is it will help you to stop the game from being Autosave. While into the game, if you are losing and it is near to end time, just press the Alt+Esc in your keyboard and come to desktop.

From here, you see the game running at the taskbar down. Just right click on it and close the application. Then restart it again. You come back where you started before the match.

It seems like this will make you travel a way little long to come to the game. But there seems to be no other option. If you are not satisfied, then practise, be a better player and then play the game. At least stop complaining and enjoy!