World Football: Top 5 Coaches to Be on the Move Next Season

Timothy NCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

World Football: Top 5 Coaches to Be on the Move Next Season

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    With the transfer window beginning to wind down, rumors are swirling over the moves that will be made during the summer.  Considering the fact that it is an off-year means that rumors, secret negotiations and transfers will be the only news all summer long.

    While big moves during the Winter Window are rare, they are almost always a precursor to larger moves during the summer.  Coaches are already voicing discontent and slump in players' forms mean agents are abuzz while fans become captivated in boardroom dramas over price and future sales.

    Players usually get the most attention during the transfer windows, but it is often coaches that can make or break a team's fortunes like Jose Mourinho with Inter or Pep Guardiola with Barcelona.

Will Carletto Remain on King's Road?

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    Carlo Ancelotti started last season better than any other coach in Chelsea's history.

    Taking the prized double while scoring an amazing amount of goals meant that a bright future was ahead for the Stamford Bridge faithful right?

    Fast forward to midseason when the goals and wins finally began to dry up while the injuries mounted.  A disastrous two months saw Chelsea fall all the way to fifth. 

    Though they managed to win their last game and have a slight glimmer of hope to win the Premiership; it is looking more and more likely that Carletto will make the move away from London and possibly back to Italy unless some miraculous silverware appears at Stamford Bridge.

Are Things Too Real for Jose Mourinho?

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    The Special One at the biggest stage in the sports world.  It was supposed to be a match made in heaven. 

    Real Madrid have been performing well all season, but the usual cries are coming from the supporters and tensions have begun to grow between management and Mourinho. 

    "Less defensive style, more free-flowing glory," "why can't we beat Barcelona," "these are the players we need," "you can't sit these players...." The list goes on and on and it something that Jose has never dealt with kindly.

    There is no doubt he is an extremely talented coach, maybe the best in the world, but his temper is short and his desire to have his system in place at from top to bottom does not always generate the best relationships.

    Look for The Special One to be in high demand once the season is up, double the chances if he loses El Clasico again.

Who Will Get Golden Pep Guardiola?

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    Barcelona's Golden Boy from player to manager is on a hot streak few have ever touched.

    In his first year as the first team manager he led Barcelona to unparalleled success and though he fell short of duplicating those feats in his second year; he still managed to once again win La Liga.

    This year he leads the most talented club squad ever assembled and is a favorite to once again take La Liga and the Champions League for a second time in only three years!

    So why is it that he would be on the move?

    Once again, upper management problems that include a brand new president with differing views of how Barcelona should be run could send Pep packing for new challenges; possibly abroad.

    Pep will find no shortage of clubs willing to hire him, but could he replicated the magical form he has found with Barcelona somewhere else?

Is Guus Hiddink Still in High Demand?

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    The Golden Guus is currently coaching the Turkish national team during the run up to Euro 2012.  However, questions persist as to whether or not he will stay with the team or make the move before the tournament considering the fact that wherever he goes he brings quite a bit of success.

    Directors have not forgotten his amazing runs with Russia in 2008 or South Korea in 2002 and even at the club level when he became the steward of Chelsea following the sacking of Big Phil Scolari just two years prior.

    His recent comments on Chelsea's form and relationship have led many to believe that he is in negotiations with the London club to take over for Carlo Ancelotti, but only time will tell who will land the Golden Guus for one of his miraculous recovery operations.

Will Free Agent Rafael Benitez Remain Free?

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    How the mighty have fallen.  Once one of the hottest free agent coaches on the market, Rafa Benitez has become unemployed with some rather grim prospects ahead. 

    The magic of that first season that ended in Istanbul has begun to fade from collective memories and has been replaced by lackluster results and non-stop boardroom confrontations.

    Still, it is hard to ignore some one that has displayed great talent and zeal and the highest levels of their profession, and it is a safe bet that Benitez will have a job by the time next season starts.  The question is, however: Where?

    If Jose Morinho leaves Real Madrid, or Carlo Ancelotti leaves Chelsea, or perhaps a vacant national position opens up, who knows where Benitez may go.