Arsene Wenger Vs Alex Ferguson Round Table: Who Is the Better Talent Hunter?

Maxx GCorrespondent IIJanuary 21, 2011

Arsene Wenger Vs Alex Ferguson Round Table: Who Is the Better Talent Hunter?

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    Arsene Wenger or Sir Alex Ferguson? Who is your greatest English Premier League coach of all time?

    Welcome to the hot round table discussion of one of the most controversial topics in soccer. As you can read from the slide title, the slide show is all about the eagle eyes. Eagle eyes in the transfer market to hunt down a talent.

    So, in this transfer saga, let us all hear what some of the eminent B/R members have to say about the Managers. 

    From the Arsenal camp will be:

    Mohamed Eldin Masri  (Arsenal Co-Community Leader)

    Steve Vasilev  (Arsenal Co-Community Leader)

    Callum D'Souza (Arsenal Featured Columnist and one of the most decorated B/R writers)

    Vijay Murli (A Featured columnist of Arsenal, and a rising name in the Gooners)


    From the Manchester United camp, will be:

    Zaakir Hoosen (A United Featured Columnist and one strongest pillar for Red Devils camp)

    Nathan Lowe (United Featured Columnist and a highly gifted and knowledgeable writer)

    Rohit Arvind Mishra (One of the most passionate supporters for United)

    Maxx G (United Featured Columnist and it is me!)


    On a special note, being neutral for both clubs will be our very reputed and famous B/R writer: Willie Gannon

1. Most Notable Transfers Among Fergie’s List This Far?

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    Zaakir Hoosen:

    "Looking as far back as the 1980’s, Ferguson has always been able to pick out certain individuals who have brought more than just their game to Old Trafford, but rather have left a lasting legacy at the club. Amongst some of the most notable transfers to OT since Fergie’s appointment are: 

    Mark Hughes for £1.8 Million from Barcelona in 1988

    Peter Schmeichel for £600,000 from Brondby in 1991

    Eric Cantona for £1.2 Million from Leeds Utd in 1992

    Roy Keane for £3.75 Million from Nottingham Forest on 1993

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for £1.5 Million from Molde in 1996

    Recent signings of Rio Ferdidnand (Leeds), Wayne Rooney (Everton) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Sporting)."



    "Over the time Sir Alex has been at United, a number of players have come and gone. However, the most notable signings have to be Giggs, Cantona, Keane, Schmeichel, Solskjaer, Ronaldo, Rooney, and our entire current defensive back five (Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, and van der Sar).

    However, United have been made by Sir Alex by also letting players go at times, and these would include Ince, Beckham, Keane, Tevez (too much of a disruptive influence in my opinion at times), and Nistelrooy."

Which Are the Most Notable Transfers Among Wenger’s List This Far?

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    Mohamed Eldin Masri (MEM) :

    "If we’re talking about Wenger’s top transfers in the past 5 years, then Nasri and Vermaelen would definitely be ranked as the finest transfers Wenger’s made in recent memory.

    If your’re talking about the past decade, then it easily would be considered Cesc Fabregas. van Persie would’ve been higher on the list, had it not been for the injuries that hindered his impact with Arsenal. 

    If we’re talking about all time transfers, it’s safe to say that Henry and Vieira are Wenger’s greatest transfers to date."


    Steve Vasilev:

    "Wenger is known for his talent-spotting abilities and getting the most from a tight budget. He’s very frugal indeed, but despite that he’s had more success than failure at finding real talent at a very low cost.

    The list is quite long but some that deserve a mention are Anelka (bought for 500k; sold for 23 million), Cesc Fabregas (bought for 250k), Henry (bought for 10.5 million), Vieira (3.5 million) and Campbell (free). Also, he brought Overmars for only 5.5 million and sold him for a staggering 25 million."

1. Which Are the Most Notable Transfers Among Wenger’s List This Far?

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    "Wenger’s had many transfers of little known gems costing next to nothing turning into superstars. The Frenchman’s most notable signings would have to be Cesc Fabregas from the Barcelona youth academy, Theirry Henry from Juventus, Patrick Vieira from Milan and Freddie Ljungberg from Halmstad."



    "There are a number of successful transfers under Arsene Wenger and he is a manager who spends money wisely. If I were to name a few of the most successful transfers, it would be Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Cesc Fabregas."

1. Most Notable Transfers Among Fergie’s List This Far?

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    "Alex Ferguson’s ability to valuate players is usually justified by his “fledglings”, those Englishmen
    (and a Welshman) who grew from the reserves and academy into the team in the mid-late 90's. His
    actual transfer record is, like all, spotty, but he has definitely been very successful in the field.

    Players like Steve Bruce, Brian Mcclair, Gary McCallister, Eric Cantona and Paul Ince were earlier signs of Fergie knowing which players had the bottle and ability to fit his team. Ultimately these earlier signings 
    paved the way for Ferguson to make United a superclub.

    The actual transition wasn’t complete until years later with other signings like Roy Keane and Peter Schmeichel, along with fledglings Scholes, Butt, Nevilles and even Ryan Giggs. Ferguson recalled the Welshman in 1997: "“I remember the first time I saw him. He was 13 and just floated over the ground like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind.”

    Ferguson broke the British transfer fee for Rio Ferdinand, a move that couldn’t be lamented in hindsight.

    Ferguson made his best transfer move signing Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugeuse great helped United win three straight League titles and a European Cup before being sold to Madrid in 2009 at almost $60 million profit.

    It should also be noted that Vidic and Evra were small-money January transfer window buys, that
    continue to found United’s success going forward."



    "Well, to begin with the glory, I must mention of some names who have been the legends for the club. It will be Peter Schmeichel, Dennis Irwin, Roy Keane and the list will go on to present ones.

    There have been many with Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Namanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and many many more. 

    But if you ask me for the personal choice again, I will say Ryan Giggs, Ronaldo and Nistelrooy. That will be it."

Most Notable Transfers Among Wenger’s and Fergie’s List This Far?

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    "Considering that Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have signed almost 200 players, 91 and 87 respectively, between them with their respective teams, there is some list of players to choose from.
    Ferguson’s first actual signing was Liam O’Brien from Shamrock Rovers in 1986 but his third signing went on to become a club legend, Brian McClair. He is a really underestimated player and was an excellent centre forward as well as being a damn fine midfielder too and he’s indicative of the kind of player, personality wise, that Ferguson has gone for throughout his career.

    I guess if I had to pick Fergie’s three best signings I’d go for; Peter Schmeichal, Denis Irwin and Roy Keane.

    Wenger has a great record in the transfer market too but I think Fergie just about pips him, especially when you consider that the two men have signed roughly the same amount of players during their time as manager for Arsenal and United.

    For me, Wenger’s first real team will always be his best, even better than the Invincibles.
    I’d go with Emmanuel Petit, Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry as being his best signings with Petit particularly standing out because he signed as an unknown left back with Wenger turning him into one of the best centre midfielders in the world."

2. Do You Believe in Big Money Moves? Has Your Coach Done so Ever?

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    "Not at all, if anything, they are responsible for the current economic crisis, some rich Russians or Arabs buy clubs, spend mad money and upset the balance in an attempt to win the EPL title. Among all the teams contending for the title, Arsenal are the only team to try and take the virtuous path, a path that has proven difficult, and Wenger will only fancy to do things his way."



    "Wenger is very frugal on the transfer market and when considering the resources at his disposal I must say that I completely agree with the methods he has adopted.

    We’ve seen teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester City sink into debt as a result of mindless spending of large sums of money. While this might lead to some short-term success, in the long-term, it looks suicidal.

    A financially self-sustaining club will take longer to build but once the debt is repaid, such club will go on to grow stronger by the year. Wenger has always considered the financial situation of the club which makes him very important to the long-term development of Arsenal. He’s fully committed to that cause and that’s why he tends to go for low-profile talented players. So far, he’s been a genius at it."

2. Do You Believe in Big Money Moves? Has Your Coach Done so Ever?

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    "Well when we define big money moves and we look over time, the value of player’s isn’t established on the same basis. Simple example, Andy Cole bought in 1995 for £7 Million from Newcastle, then the British transfer record. 2009 saw Cristiano move to Madrid for £80 Million pounds setting an all new world record in the transfer market.

    So what defines value today? Ferguson has always shun away from exaggerated transfer fees, at times yes he has gone and made the mega move with a few examples on hand.
    Jaap Stam in 1998 for £10.75 Million
    Juan Veron in 2001 for £28.1 Million
    Rio Ferdinand amongst the highest for a defender for £30 million in 2002

    So yes, while Ferguson is one who likes to search for talent but negotiate deals at the correct value, he has gone and broken the barrier at times."



    "My coach is Sir Alex, and while I’m a firm believer of promoting youth, I also think one or at best, two big money signings can galvanise a side with potential into a title winning one. United are often cited as the team who used to make all the big money signings (wrongly said, since Blackburn, Leeds, and Newcastle are the ones who began the trend in the Premier League Era), but then, United have made the best long-term big money signings (Cantona, Ferdinand, Ronaldo, Rooney , Berbatov), and have reaped the rewards for the same."

2. Do You Believe in Big Money Moves? Has Your Coach Done so Ever?

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    "Wenger has proven you don’t need money to achieve success. Unlike other clubs, the Frenchman prefers cheaper transfer options that predominantly have the same success.

    Patrick Vieira cost £3.5 million and the French midfielder went onto lead Arsenal to immense glory. Robert Pires cost £6 million, Ljungberg a mere £3 million.

    Wenger has saved the Gunners millions and now has the North London giants in a stable financial position. Did I mention Wenger has a master degree in Economic?"



    "It is not only important on what people/fans think on big money moves because at the end of the day, the club has to be financially stable as well.

    But in my opinion, players having good transfer value in the range of 15-20 million can be afforded by a club like Arsenal and if there is a player who has the quality, Arsene Wenger must spend the cash to acquire his services.

    Arsene Wenger has spent some money on the transfers of Andrei Arshavin and Thomas Vermaelen and you can see the quality of the two players. Even Samir Nasri cost quite a bit but he has been an asset to the side."

2. Do You Believe in Big Money Moves? Has Your Coach Done so Ever?

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    "Yes I do believe in big money moves. But at the same point of time it is important that you have a brain for it too. For example, you can find numerous stupid transfers at inflated prices just because the club owners have heavy pockets. This is not the game. The real game is when you have an eye for the talent.

    United in recent past have done many big money moves with Dimitar Berbatov and Wayne Rooney being some examples, but the results have come.

    The thing is, you have to balance the talent vs the worth. And only a true good manager can do that. Going for big money moves against the current financial status of the club is highly a mistake though.

    Sometimes, a true character of Manager shows when he can also bring out stars from raw talents, and United has shown that too under Sir Alex."



    "Ferguson has earned much of the money he’s used at the club in big money moves. The club wouldn’t  have the money otherwise. The gaffer’s admiration of Berbatov (usually justified), resulted in paying
    an inflated fee for him. Ferguson broke the British transfer fee several times in his tenure. However,
    those types of expenditures made more sense then when the bubble had not yet burst.

    In the last few years Ferguson has tried to make medium-monied bids (with Berbatov being an exception), in trying to bolster his side for the future. Ferguson’s biggest transfers, Ferdinand, Veron, Berbatov and
    Hargreaves, probably breaks even considering that although Veron was useless in England, Ferdinand has easily earned all that money back, Hargreaves was very influential during our Champions League run,
    and Berbatov continues to influence at the club, leading the EPL in scoring this season."

2. Do You Believe in Big Money Moves? Has Your Coach Done so Ever?

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    Special note by Willie:

    "Big transfer fees generally surround players who don’t look like being a gamble. I think it’s fair to say that Ferguson has had more big money signings than Wenger and as such has had more successes and failures in this department than his French counterpart.

    As far as I can make out Ferguson has spent £491m on 91 players in 26 years whilst bringing in £244m for 220 players whereas Wenger has spent £235m on 87 players while bringing in £200m for 168 players.
    Looking at big money signings that worked you don’t have to look any further than Roy Keane, although the record £3.7m looks small these days, Wayne Rooney and Jaap Stam. For the ones that didn’t work you only have to mention Veron, Neil Webb, and the jury is still very much out on Dimitar Berbatov.

    Big signings for Wenger aren’t in the same category of those of Ferguson as he is either restricted by budget or he lets his economics degree takeover and he just doesn’t like signing that kind of player.

    Personally, I think Wenger is constrained by Arsenal’s budgets when compared to United but I also think he likes signing players that will be submissive to him and he won’t come in with an ego that will challenge his whereas Fergie seems to revel in signing players with big personalities.

    Wenger’s best big money signings would be Thierry Henry, Marc Overmars and maybe Samir Nasri with his worst being Francis Jeffers, Sylvan Wiltord, who both signed in the same season, and Jose Antonio Reyes"

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "Arsene Wenger is a manager who recognizes talent and tries his best to keep the talent at Arsenal.

    There are not many youngsters who do leave the club but Anelka is one youngster who left the Gunners before fulfilling his potential but not because of Wenger.

    In recent times, Havard Nordtveit is a highly rated player who was let go and I am afraid that youngsters Carlos Vela and Jay Emmanuel Thomas could leave the club in order to gain first team football."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "Ferguson has rarely let go of talent that would later become far greater than he expected.

    Some of his dismissals went on to be relatively successful but most ended up in the lower divisions. Though when the knighted Scot let go of Zoran Tosic last year it was very bemusing.

    United still have no natural left-winger and the Serb always looked sprightly. He was never really given a chance. It’s hard to imagine the club needed the paltry transfer fee, or perhaps there was behind-the-scenes drama."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "Yes. Wenger has had his moments, especially when it comes to the youngsters.

    Fran Merida for example, a player which Wenger went through an awful lot of trouble to acquire, only to find himself way down in the pecking order, despite the fact that Merida had shown that he has massive potential.

    It was understandable really, where would Merida fit in the squad?

    Arsenal have the older players such as Rosicky and Arshavin, and the younger ones like Wilshere, Fabregas and Nasri, Merida didn’t have much of a chance, it’s usually down to the fact that the younger talents want to participate and be part of the squad, they eventually decide to leave for a better chance, Nordveit was a prime example of such, Vela was rumored to be on his way out, but thankfully Wenger realizes the talent of the Mexican, and has stated that he only intends to loan Carlos, not sell him."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "Gareth Bale and Wesley Sneijder immediately come to mind, along with Gerard Pique.

    Ronaldo’s case could not be helped, since he wanted to go, and Tevez, for all his qualities, at times thinks too highly of himself to have been a loss, given the possible subsequent disruption in the dressing room.

    Also, regarding Alan Shearer, I’m not sure if he would’ve been a better signing when compared to either Andy Cole or Dwight Yorke, though he was a signing United missed out on.

    Jaap Stam was again a mistake in being let go off, while Veron would’ve filled the role Scholes issues for United now very well, as a deep lying play maker. We just didn’t play the system to suit him then, which, ironically, we now do in Europe and the big games."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "No. His assessment skills are second to none and if a player had wished to leave, he let him go. Otherwise, I don’t think he’s made any lapse in judgements about the amount of talent of the players. There’s been talented players leaving the club, but it was more due to their wish or some other factor."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "I think Ferguson has quite noticeably allowed some big names leave, when at the time they were on top of their game.

    Jaap Stam was sold at 29, amongst the huge mistakes by Fergie to let him go. 

    David Beckham another legend at OT was sold at 27 to Madrid after a fall out with Sir Alex.

    Ruud van Nistelrooy who was also sold to Madrid."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "With any managers there will always be errors in scouting departments. Wenger was guilty of overlooking Chelsea keeper Petr Cech when the Czech was on trial.

    Possibly Matthew Upson, had he stayed at Arsenal he Englishman may have been a huge success."

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    "It has to be Carlos Tevez. It has to Ruud van Nistelrooy. 

    There may be more. But the thing is that sometimes the players just do not click with the club and the players. Like the case of Rossi or Forlan. 

    However, I think that Tevez was underutilized and Nistelrooy was sold too early. Specially I grew up watching Nistelrooy score for United, so it hurt badly when he left the club.

    Another name I would like to take is Gerard Pique, again sold before being played for long. Now, he is a star and United now needs badly a CB to cover up the place of Rio Ferdinand. What a loss!"  

3. Any Mistake That the Coach Made in Letting a Talent Go

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    Willie's Moment:

    "Every manager makes mistakes and let players go too early. What makes Wenger and Ferguson stand out is that they make less mistakes that the rest.

    I’d say that Ferguson’s biggest playing mistake was in letting Paul McGrath go. He played at an incredibly high level for 11 more years and even won the PFA Player of the Year with Aston Villa and was voted one of the best defenders at USA ‘94 and that was five years after Ferguson thought he was finished.

    In Ferguson’s defence, McGrath was a major part of a famous drinking school at Old Trafford that Fergie had to break up if he wanted to control the club.

    For Wenger, yeah he’s made mistakes too. Letting Mathieu Flamini and Ashley Cole leave really stand out. But with both players he wanted to give in to their wage demands but was again hamstrung by the Arsenal board that refused to pay either player the £50k per week they were demanding."

4. Which Players You Would Think Wenger Should Buy in Next Season?

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    "A strong, quality central defender, Per Mertesacker springs to mine as well as Lille star Eden Hazard. The winger is such a talent and would thrive at Arsenal under Wenger."


    "I think Jan Vertonghen would be a great signing. He’s a tall, powerful defender who formed a great partnership with Vermaelen at Ajax. He can also play as a defensive midfielder which might prove useful. He can add to the defensive depth of the team and coninue his defensive partnership with his Belgian compatriot."

4. Which Players You Would Think Fergie Should Buy in Next Season?

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    "Well looking at the markets today, finding a player to suit the style and culture at OT is not the easiest of tasks. But these are some players i would consider: 

    - Kaka (Real Madrid). Many would criticize this move for such a mega star soon to be 29 as a ludicrous one. But his style, quality and leadership in the center of the pitch is one that United seem to lack a great deal of in recent seasons. 

    - David Luiz (Benfica) I mentioned him in one of my recent slide-shows as a possible replacement for Rio. I see him as one of the next big players looking ahead to 2014 WC and beyond. 

    - Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid). I have long been a fan of the Argentinian, but doubt he will ever play for United."



    " I have repeatedly said in my earlier reports that one name I want United to sign immediately first will be Steven Defour. United clearly lacks the creativity in midfield and Defour will act as the anchor to the midfield. 

    Secondly, I would prefer someone who will bring lots of pace to the wings like Alexis Sanchez. I have recently heard of United being linked with players like Gotze or Kagawa from Dortmund of Germany, who will be also a great thing for the club again.

    What more, we need a goalkeeper now. Rene Adler will be my choice, for his passion for United and also his reputation as a good keeper"

4. Which Players You Would Think Fergie Should Buy in Next Season?

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    " I expect United to sell Wayne Rooney in the offseason at a grossly bloated price. United mostly need a natural left-winger and an attacking central-midfielder.A play maker like Yoann Gourcuff or Wesley Sneijder would be perfect to replace the Scholes influence in the central midfield. Otherwise there is no one at the club who can play ahead of Fletcher to really bring vivacity to our attack.

    Adam Johnson, Matt Jarvis or any other young, talented left-footed winger is also necessary to provide an attacking balance that has lacked this season. Beyond Nani or Valencia there is little depth on the wings as Obertan, though skillful, is also right-footed. Hopefully Carrick is sold at a loss so someone with potential can come in. Also I hope Paul Scholes plays one more year."



    "The team first needs a clear-out before signings can be made. The players needed to let go of are Neville, Carrick, Kuszcack, Scholes, Giggs, O’Shea, Brown, Owen and possibly Hargreaves.

    Thus, the players which would be needed have to be a holding midfielder, a deep-lying playmaker, a winger, and a goal keeper. The holding midfielder has to be one of Tom Huddlestone or De Rossi, since they have a good passing range and a long range shot.The playmaker, Nuri Sahin of Borussia Dortmund, who is a tremendous player and a superb executor of dead-ball situations, which United currently lack. He again has a good shot on him.

    The winger can be Alexis Sanchez of Udinese, Giovinco of Juventus (he’s on loan to Parma), or of course, Gareth Bale, since we primarily need a left winger. 

    The goalkeeper should be Rene Adler of Bayern Leverkusen, who was supposed to be Germany’s No.1 at the World Cup before a season-ending injury happened (this shows he is better than Neuer), and his performances have been better than Manuel Neuer this season. Plus, he’s such a United fan that his contract has a buy-out clause which can only be triggered by a United bid, and he is only 25 years old, with a wealth of experience already.

    Other players need to be promoted from within the club to maintain the homegrown quota in the squad and so the squad can contain players such as Cleverley, Morrison, Corry Evans, and Oliver Gill."

4. Which Players You Would Think Wenger Should Buy in Next Season?

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    "I do not expect Arshavin to sign a new contract and he could move on from Arsenal who will cash in on him this summer. Theo Walcott has done an admirable job and should keep his place. Eden Hazard would be a great addition to the side in attack because he is a very talented player and he could probably sign for the Gunners if they make a decent offer. Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain is another player who could be targeted by Wenger.

    Despite the impressive performances by Johan Djourou, I would like to see a quality defender like Per Mertesacker or Gary Cahill to be signed by Arsenal who could cash in on Sebastien Squillaci who has not been impressive."



    "A defender with the talent to lead the line, Mertesacker or Heitinga would be the ideal candidates, they would give Arsenal much needed aerial strength, and solve the defensive problems, arguably Arsenal’s biggest weakness."

Which Players You Would Think the Coach (both) Should Buy in Next Season?

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    Willie Being Neutral:

    "You always buy big when you’re on top to stay on top. I think both teams have well documented problems with the spines of their teams, United less so.

    Arsenal needed a ‘keeper, centre half and centre midfielder last season and all they really fixed was the problem up front, although Chamakh has really started to stutter as of late.

    The Gunners still need to address the same problems. A top class keeper has to come in although I really don’t see any around that would interest Arsenal for the price they’d be willing to pay. Richard Dunne is the latest centre half to be linked and it is that kind of player who Wenger really needs to sign.

    I’d plump for Gary Cahill from Bolton and Asmir Begovic of Stoke to fill the defensive and goalkeeping voids respectively. 

    For United, they are almost sure to be chasing the same players. Van der Sar is about to retire, there isn’t any real back-up to Ferdinand and Vidic and his midfield is dreadfully one paced and one dimensional so Fergie has a lot of work to do. Up front they still lack presence, Rooney is brilliant, Chicarito looks like he could be brilliant, and Berbatov is brilliant about five times a season.

    My guess is that Fergie will track Cahill and Begovic too while Spurs and Newcastle will be hard pressed for the services of Luka Modric and Andy Carroll. Fergie might even go back in for Karim Benzema."

5. What Do You Think Is the Most Unique Thing Wenger Has While Choosing Talents?

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    "The thing that separates him from other managers is his knack for spotting talent and utilising it in the best way possible. He knows exactly what he wants and that’s a major plus for any manager."



    "Wenger always seems to bring the best out of talents at such a tender age. In recent seasons Alexandre Song, Denilson, Johan Djourou, they were in the Arsenal XI at such a young age when others at bigger clubs were still in the reserves."

5. What Do You Think Is the Most Unique Thing Wenger Has While Choosing Talents?

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    "His eye for spotting talent in the most unusual of places, most notably from small clubs, and also his ability to mold them and nurture them to world class players, Cesc Fabregas is a great example of the talent Arsene Wegner has when choosing youngsters."



    "Wenger has one of the greatest records when it comes to developing youngsters because he has huge faith in youngsters who have the quality. He recognizes talent at a young age and gives them chances to prove their calibre. Jack Wilshere is a prime example of how Wenger develops youngsters into world class players. He is also able to attract the best youngsters from other clubs for the same reason and these youngsters have a great opportunity to fulfill their potential at Arsenal"

5. What Do You Think Is the Most Unique Thing Fergie Has While Choosing Talents?

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    "Amongst Ferguson’s many qualities as a coach and manager isn't how he chooses he players, I have a different opinion and many would scream down my throat for think otherwise. I always believe the way he inter-acts with players on a daily basis, from the Academy right to the first team has become a trademark of his qualities as a manager. This trait or quality which identifies him for who he is, makes players, young player or even some of the most experienced ones, wanting to move to OT and work under him.

    I remember watching an interview with some of the Reserve team players, and one them mentioned that he had been playing at Manchester United for just over two years, spending most of his time in the academy, but he say’s one day while have lunch in the cafeteria, Sir Alex walked passed him, then stopped and greeted the youngster, called him by his name and asked about his family. The young reserve player recalled this incident saying he was shocked that Fergie even knew his name, and took time to have a short conversation with him.

    It’s those kind of inter-actions that make players, even the best of them dream of playing at Manchester United, playing under Sir Alex Ferguson."



    "Ability to grow, both as a talent and as a person, and become someone who’s willing to work hard, both for himself as well as his teammates, whether at the club or the national level."

5. What Do You Think Is the Most Unique Thing Fergie Has While Choosing Talents?

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    "Ferguson is not considered one of the best managers ever because of his tactical ability.

    He is renowned as a motivator of men and a disciplinarian. He also gets great credit for being perceptive of talent because of the players who came through his youth system in the nineties. His transfers have hit and missed like any other manager’s, but the ends have certainly justified the means, as United are arguably the biggest football club in the world under the Scotsman."



    "It is Magic. I would always say that Sir Alex is the best manager to me. And what makes him best is his magic to create diamonds from scratch. Or if you are a player in a certain height, he can reach you to the stars.

    Who made Ronaldo? Who made Giggs? Who made Beckham? Who made Cantona? Who made Keane?Who is making Rooney? 

    The answers will be same, it is the man with chewing gum, Sir Alex.

    He has also shown his faith in some players like Anderson or Berbatov whom he did not let go, and finally the results are coming here"

5. What Do You Think Is Most Unique The Coaches Have While Choosing Talents?

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    "What makes both managers standout so much is that they have an almost evangelical zeal about their own footballing philosophies and that they really stick to that tried and trusted method regardless of formation or player.

    Wenger likes to flood his team with “continuity” players who will keep the ball moving until a chink appears, while Fergie likes to sign players with great attitudes and then indoctrinate them into the Manchester United way of thinking and playing. 

    It is this prime reason why United seem to win so much, they always play the game on its merits and always try to do the right thing with the ball. Invariably, it is for this reason that United always seem to win late games – they never stop and any player who gives less than 200 percent is moved on.

    Both managers choose their players on their skills obviously, but it is their personalities that decide whether they are Arsenal or United quality and that comes down to the manager’s views on the game."

What Are You Thinking?

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    First of all, my special thanks to all members who participated in this discussion. It has really been an honor to hear from you all in this round table.

    And last but not the least, my special thanks to you all who have read this slideshow. This was for you all at the end of the day. But will not you feel like telling me what you felt? 

    So, please comment and share your views. 

    Thinking has already been started back in the brain, it just to write the revolution now.


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