Nathan Lowe

Nathan Lowe

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I am 28-year-old former bubblehead current world football lover. I am studying the communications here at the University in the city (SF) for another year before I systematically conquer the world.

I play a bit of soccer; it's fun, I'm pretty good, etc.

If you want to read objective match reports, there are plenty of sites for that, and we all know and use them. However, there's only one person who sees the game as I do; that's me, and there's only one person who can express it; also me. My opinions my seem unbridled to some, but I am, at worst, original.

I can be e-mailed at Dioforce@gmail.

If you are an American soccer fan please review my article entitled "ESPN and the EPL: The Future of Soccer in America".


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  • illya mclellan posted 2511 days ago

    illya mclellan

  • Maxx G posted 2523 days ago

    Maxx G

    hi mate,please check your inbox

  • Maxx G posted 2523 days ago

    Maxx G

    Nathan.... I sent something in your inbox. Can you please reply to that mate?

  • Jesper Olsen posted 2610 days ago

    Jesper Olsen

    Newsflash. rooney has signed a new contract.

  • Maxx G posted 2641 days ago

    Maxx G

    Hey Nathan, thanks for the like mate... :-)

    Waiting for the Rooney return, when will he?

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2646 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    yeah i talk too much shit...i know :)

  • obat realmad cipriani posted 2646 days ago

    obat  realmad cipriani

    thanks for the link

  • Maxx G posted 2647 days ago

    Maxx G

    please give a look

  • Joe Czchhhtitibudum posted 2783 days ago

    Joe Czchhhtitibudum

    Nani is talented. Berbatov is awful.

  • Angela Asante posted 2786 days ago

    Angela Asante

    Cute "Goutte d'eau", like we say in French. ;)