Shock Transfer Rumors: Sergio Ramos To Leave Real Madrid? Possible Destinations

Kent SommerContributor IIIJanuary 20, 2011

MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 20:  Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid reacts during the la liga match between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on November 20, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. Real Madrid won 5-1.  (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
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The internet is buzzing with rumors that Sergio Ramos wants out of Madrid.  The rumors claim that the world-class defender has had a "bust-up" with Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and that Ramos would like to leave.

It's impossible to know if there is actually any truth behind these rumors.  The transfer rumors always increase and become a little less credible as the January transfer window nears to a close.

Sergio Ramos is only 24 years old and is regarded by many as the foundation and future of Real Madrid's defense.  The club surely wants to keep him and thus a transfer would be unexpected and shocking. 

If Ramos were to leave, any team would welcome his services.  As mentioned, he is young and his talent has earned him a starting position on not only Real Madrid, but also Spain's world champion national team. 

Although any team would want Ramos, given that he is playing with one of the premier clubs in the world, he would likely only make a move to another top club, thus limiting the number of actual potential suitors. 

Again, it's unclear if the source of these rumors had a legitimate contact inside the club. 

But let's look at a few of the possible destinations for Ramos if the rumors are actually true and he is on his way out of Madrid.


The rivalry between Real and Barca is so fierce that either team is always willing to take advantage of any opportunity to jab the other.  While Ramos appears to be a true Madridista and hate Barcelona, he may be willing to make the move to Barcelona if his relationship has actually strained with the club and some of its members.

Plus, Ramos would surely enjoy the opportunity to play alongside Pique and Puyol—his fellow national team defenders.

However, if a move does happen, it likely won't be to Barcelona as they don't need a defender.  And because I do think Ramos legitimately doesn't like Barcelona.



Granted, Liverpool at the moment aren't one of the premier clubs.  Historically they are, but they are currently underperforming. 

A move to Liverpool is unlikely as they are strapped with debt and probably can't afford Ramos.  Plus, as mentioned, Liverpool aren't even in the Champions League and are struggling. 

However, Liverpool have major issues with their defense and Ramos would be a great solution.  Perhaps the idea of joining fellow national team teammates in Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina would be enough to lure him to Anfield.

Again unfortunately, the issue of money arises and likely puts Liverpool out of the running—if there even is one.



Rumors indicate that Arsenal are interested in Ramos.  Granted, that is a rumor on top of a rumor so take it for what it's worth. 

But Ramos would be a great fit for Arsenal.  Arsenal are very much in the title hunt and an acquisition like Ramos might be what they need to actually be a serious contender.  Ramos would also have the opportunity to play with Cesc Fabregas, even though Fabregas will likely leave at the end of the season. 

Arsenal are in need of defenders and they have the resources to make a move for a player like Ramos.  They are in the Champions League and are clearly a premier club at the moment.  It would be a great fit.


Manchester United

Manchester United would be a legitimate destination for Ramos.  Sir Alex has indicated in the past that he would like for Ramos to play for United.  With some of the injuries to United, Ferguson would likely welcome Ramos with open arms to Old Trafford. 

Ramos would likely welcome the move as United are sitting at the top of the table in the Premier League and are having a strong season.  Ramos would have the opportunity to go into a club that is the favorite to win the Premier League and is set up to make a run in the Champions League. 

Plus, if the rumors are true that Ramos wants out because of issues with Cristiano Ronaldo, he would probably appreciate any opportunity for revenge on Ronaldo.  A great way to do so would be to join forces with Ronaldo's former team and help them win titles without Ronaldo.


What do you think?  Where do you think Ramos will go?  Assuming of course there is any truth behind the rumors. 


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