The South African Entourage That Could Add To the European Game

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The South African Entourage That Could Add To the European Game
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Like many African countries, there's a great wealth in football. In terms of skill, ability, the hunger for the game and the pride with which it's played, South Africa is no different.

Looking across the board, you will be find hundreds if not thousands of African players plying their trade in Eastern and Western Europe.

Amongst them you will have found that very few South Africans have made the move abroad, whilst there are many reasons for this, a lack in ability is not one of them.

For many who are born and live on the African continent, life is tough. Growing up in difficult conditions, many live in homes where both parents are working. Many of these youngsters grow up with the dream to one day represent a major European club, the team they have been following on television since a young age.

But breaking into the European league isn't all that easy, as not every player who works hard and hopes to play in Europe can arrive at their goal.

So once many of these players reach a certain age, with the natural talent they possess, they look to immediately escape into a better life—not necessarily neglecting the one they had or have, but looking towards newer opportunities for themselves and their families. 

In the case of South Africans, many of whom grew up during the late apartheid era or some of the more recent ones who were lucky enough to miss that period in South Africa's history, they are in many ways more blessed.

Conditions in South Africa compared to many parts of Africa are better, and whilst not perfect, it's still very different to the harsh realities of the struggles in Central Africa.

As these footballers grow into their trade, playing for many local teams in the Premier Soccer League, they are able to guarantee a comfortable life, earning enough to enjoy the comforts and pleasures that many might not have.

For many South Africans having what they have, such a good-enough home, a car and some luxuries to suit their needs, it is in a sense an achievement and in many ways a success. Added is the fact that they are at home and speaking the language they were brought up with, and have been recognised for their efforts.

In my opinion, the idea of them been comfortable has made them less ambitious to make the move to Europe. Well, that was the case in the last couple years, but now having achieved this lifestyle at home, there seems to be a need for many to make that step and play overseas.

With the World Cup having been an added bonus, leaving a lasting legacy and bringing awareness to South Africa as a footballing nation, footballers are been signed with more guarantees, and for the players, they have a sense of belonging. 

In this list, we preview a few players who could make the big move from the PSL or other International league to the Europe...

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