F.C. Barcelona: Should Gabriel Milito Be Allowed To Leave?

Arron DucklingContributor IIJanuary 16, 2011

Should we keep Milito? I think so.
Should we keep Milito? I think so.David Ramos/Getty Images

I am saddened to say that Gabriel Milito is free to leave Barcelona.

The reason behind this move is the fact Milito has requested first-team football—something he is not going to get here in Barcelona.

What I do want to know is this: Good move or bad move?

First, I’ll start off with why it would be good, with the player gets his first-team football.

I am a massive fan of Milito, and I must say he is one of my favourite Barcelona players. After the injury he suffered, I was just glad to see him play again—even if it was every once in a while. I thought he would till be a shoe-in for Argentina, but the incompetence of Maradona meant that players like Ariel Garce were taken is his place.

Imagine how Argentina could’ve done with Milito at the back instead of the frankly awful Demichellis.

So it was clear afterwards that he would only play internationally again if he got first-team football, and if that is the reason behind any move, then fair enough.

His move would also give more first team chances to B-team players Andreu Fontas and Marc Bartra. This is certainly a good thing, especially if you can remember the pass that Fontas played the last time he was given a chance!

Though, isn’t that also a bad thing?

Isn't it a bad thing if Barcelona, a team that is trying to be crowned as the world's best, have only three senior centre-backs?

Abidal, Puyol and Pique are all quality defenders, but if one gets injured or suspended, it leaves the Blaugrana rather short on cover.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubts that Fontas et al. would be good enough to cover in most league games, but I wouldn’t want to have him centre-back in El Clasico for instance, or in a pivotal Champions League match.

Not just yet anyway.

As long as Milito doesn't go to Arsenal then I'll be OK with it.

But that’s my opinion.

I want your opinion on this, should Milito be allowed to leave, or should he be kept?