John Terry in Court Action After Assulting Steward at Wolves

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2011

John Terry is at the centre of a legal battle after it was alleged that he pushed a steward, causing him to get whiplash to his neck.

The steward in question is Patrick Steadman, 39, and a Man United fan who occasionally works at Wolves FC.

He claimed that the Chelsea ace shoved him in the chest close to the end of their game against Wolves earlier in the week.

The well-built steward was standing at the edge of the pitch. He was just retrieving the ball to give it to the Wolves keeper, when JT came running over, pushed Patrick and gave the ball to the keeper himself.

As they were losing 1-0 and only had minutes to go until full time, Terry was desperate to get the game going again quickly. In his rush, he shoved the steward out the way and left him staggering back over advertising boards in front of 26,000 fans.

Patrick reported the incident to the local police, and stated: "The ball hit the barrier beside me and I bent over to pick it up.

"I wasn't holding up play in any way, but by the time I'd done that John Terry ran towards me, shoved me, grabbed the ball and threw it to the 'keeper himself. He assaulted me. As he did so he said something like 'T***'."

"Next day I woke up with a sharp pain down the left side of my neck. I could hardly move my head.

"The doctor said I had whiplash and I'm now off work sick. I'm a big bloke, so it must have been a hefty push."

West Midlands Police first said that they were conducting an investigation into what happened, but later dropped the charge.

A police spokesman said: "Having viewed the CCTV, we will not be taking it any further."

With nothing happening with the police, Patrick will now be taking legal action against the England star.

It was only last year that Terry accidentally ran over a Stamford Bridge steward, breaking his leg.