Liverpool Fans: A 30-Year Waiting List Two Years Ago, and Now Empty Seats

True BlueCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2011

We will back you when we are winning....
We will back you when we are winning....Michael Steele/Getty Images

It has been such an overly used phrase for so many years that it had become tiresome to have it trotted out by the media and Liverpool's fans themselves.

The best supporters in football, so the phrase went. 

These brilliant fans were waiting by the tens of thousands to get their hands on a season ticket, with the waiting list apparently stretching to 30 years! Wow, they must be the best. They never even booed their team—top notch fans.

They never call for a manager to be sacked because they back them to the hilt like grade A supporters. It was all so clear. But then again, it's perhaps easy to be loyal when your team are winning trophies on a regular basis?

Maybe following a team that had won so often meant that there was no real panic? Just a thought, but maybe, just maybe being one of the most spoiled sets of fans in European football in terms of success had created an environment where complaining, booing or being unhappy marked you as foolish?

It has taken all of one season of relative failure and a little bit of another with poor form to change the way these brilliant fans behave.

After only 18 months or so of doubt, one managerial change, and the loss of only one top player (Mascherano), Liverpool FC is a very different place to be.

Not only has the fabled 30-year waiting list for season tickets disappeared into a puff of smoke, but the club are not even selling out their Premier League games! Way to support your team, fellas.

Just when they need you most, the best fans in the world stop turning up. But it gets worse: these wonderful, fantastic fans are booing their team and chanting for their manager to be sacked.

Last season the same fans, understandably, were calling for their owners to be replaced. They got their wish.

So in the space of 18 months, the aristocrats of world football supporters have proved beyond doubt that they are just like any other "plastics". They are only really interested in cheering when they are winning.

A word of advice for all of the fans of Liverpool across the globe: fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

And if, after 35 years without a trophy, after several relegations, dozens of managers and a handful of owners, you still get full houses at Anfield then, and only then, will you be as good as Manchester City's fans.

They really are the best in the world because they are still there.