Chelsea Won't Make It into the Champions League Next Season

Daniel GoochAnalyst IDecember 28, 2010

Heads down ... chelsea are underperforming this season
Heads down ... chelsea are underperforming this seasonShaun Botterill/Getty Images

On the poor performance recently by the Chelsea team, there is a possibility that they may miss out on a Champions League place and have to settle for fifth place.

The Blues have not won in six Premiership games and have only won one game in eight in all competitions.

Their lowest point of the season so far must have been back in November, when they were home...against Sunderland.

Their most recent dismal performance was against fellow Londoners Arsenal. Chelsea were crushed in their worst defeat against the Gunners in 13 years, losing 3-1. Their performance was way off what would be called "champion's standard."

They are tied with Fulham for the worst record in the Premier League, winning only three points from their last six games.

What happened to the players over the summer? They went from champions to clinging to a Champions League place.

Did the World Cup affect them? Did they think they were so good they'd stay top without trying? Was the sacking of Ray Wilkins a factor? Or is the true Chelsea coming through?

They haven't won in weeks, and the coaching team don't seem to be handling it too well. After a defeat, a team should be looking to get back on its feet, not collapse even more and go on a non-winning streak all winter.

A question I've got in my head is...when will Chelsea's next win be?

Their next three games are against Bolton, Villa and Wolves. They have already beaten Wolves this season and got a draw away at Villa, but on this current streak, will they get a win out of any of these games?

Arsenal have played the same number of games and are four points ahead. Manchester United have a game in hand and are six points in front. Tottenham and Manchester City are ahead too but have played more games.

Chelsea look like a different team from the one who lifted the Premiership trophy earlier on in the year.

They need to pull themselves together. The title is slipping out of their hands, and the Champions League spots are just in their reach.