F.C. Barcelona: Why Lionel Messi Is Better Than Cristiano Ronaldo

Arron DucklingContributor IIDecember 15, 2010

Unlucky CR7. You'll never be as good as Leo
Unlucky CR7. You'll never be as good as Leo

I’m afraid all the Ronaldo fanboys will have to face the truth.

Cristiano Ronaldo is nowhere near as good as Lionel Messi.

Most people know this, but for the others, this article will give a few of the many reasons that support this claim.

Firstly, Messi has more goals than Ronaldo. For many years, this was not the case and was the main argument for Ronaldo’s case. So now, the tides have turned, and I will use it as the main argument in my case.

If I’m not mistaken, the objective for a forward in football is to score goals. With this knowledge, I know the player with more goals is better at their position. In this case, it means Messi is better than Ronaldo.

Messi is a better team player as well. So far this season, he has 12 assists. Ronaldo has seven. Even if Messi doesn’t get the assist, you know he has been involved in the goal. For his first at the weekend, he played about four one-twos with Dani Alves.

If Ronaldo was in the same situation, he would either shoot from 30 yards or just ignore his teammates.

It is also obvious that Messi has more friends in the team. When he scores, everyone will run over and celebrate with him. Against Valencia, when Ronaldo scored, only two people came to celebrate with him! (Lass and Pepe if you didn’t know)

It has been reported by several journalists who have connections in the team, that while everyone respects Ronaldo’s work ethic, they hate his arrogance, his selfish attitude and despise his holier-than-thou look.

Surely, being the best player is not purely about ability but also about how your fellow professionals feel about you. The Ballon D’Or is decided by the captains and managers of the best teams, and coincidently, Ronaldo hasn’t got a look in.

However, I cannot deny that Ronaldo was perfectly built to be a professional footballer, or that he is more athletic than Messi, but the last time I checked, the only things that directly affect the score are goals and assists.

So, for that reason, it cannot be disputed, Messi is better than Ronaldo.

If you don’t believe me though, believe Casillas who plays with Ronaldo everyday in training and has faced Messi, when he said earlier this week, “Messi is the best in the world.”