Barcelona Transfer Rumors: Do Barca Really Need Anybody?

Isaac AsanteCorrespondent IIDecember 7, 2010

Barcelona Transfer Rumors: Do Barca Really Need Anybody?

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    The rise of football transfer rumors or transfer news now marks the close arrival of the transfer window. Changes are expected to take place in FC Barcelona, yet one could seriously wonder how necessary new signings would be.

    A recent 5-0 victory over Real Madrid in some ways underlined Barcelona’s claims of being the most complete side on the planet. It would, however, be fair enough not to confirm that they play at the highest possible level; but regardless, it surely makes sense to believe that they are unsurpassed in their environment, currently.

    Of course, this reasoning would especially be substantiated among loyal and enthusiastic Barcelona fans. From a neutral football follower’s point of view, things might somehow seem contestable. In both ways, the existence of the Blaugrana’s greatness is unquestionable—and unlike many other teams from other top countries in Europe, money is in fact not the main source of their success.

FC Barcelona Transfer Rumors

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    There are rumors that FC Barcelona might carry on their “war” with Arsenal for their ace Cesc Fabregas. Some sources have also stated that the Spanish La Liga defending champions were ready to take new seducing tricks to lure Tottenham’s Gareth Bale into their kingdom.

    Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez is apparently also a strong target on the list with four rumors in the last 14 weeks, while his teammate Yaya Toure is said to consider a return at the club. A drop of Brazilian spices could additionally be inserted into the Catalan recipe, as there has been a report that AC Milan’s Alexandro Pato had been contacted by Los Cules. The latest rumor regarding Barcelona’s transfer plans has however been around Benfica’s Brazilian defender David Luiz.

    But the question is: do they really need anybody new?

    Perhaps from an economic prospect, priceless profit could emerge out of new signings in the January winter break. From a tactical and managerial standpoint though, the likely decision of expanding the Barcelona squad through major transfers looks highly debatable.

FC Barcelona Want New Stars: Good or Bad Idea?

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    Considering the hugeness of the club’s debts right now, and bearing in mind the 40 million Euros spent on the Spanish forward David Villa before the 2010 FIFA World Cup—looking forward to new admissions isn’t very cheering.

    At this point, the helpful contributions of Barcelona’s veteran stars are somewhat questioned. Is anyone failing to play his part in the team at this time? Are the club’s attainments not enough for the leading board?

    Although Villa has not been as efficient as many were previously anticipating, it would be unjustifiable to call him “useless.” With his presence in Barcelona’s front—supported by Lionel Messi and Pedro—the league leaders’ attack can certainly not be regarded as “weak.”

    Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez and Sergio Busquets are also known for their control and precision in the midfield. They have been very advantageous to Pep Guardiola’s side, allowing the team to earn a host of chances in most of the games they play.

    Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Eric Abidal and Dani Alves are also very commanding in defense. Their power has helped goalkeeper Victor Valdes keep a clean sheet in his last three La Liga games. As for Mascherano, Adriano, and the rest of Barcelona’s regular substitutes, their skills cannot be underestimated.

    Happily for the Blaugrana, their youth academy La Masia (as it is often referred to), seems to be as productive as ever—looking at the predictably bright future of its promising players.

    With Barca’s satisfying amount of constructive contributors, fatigue can definitely not appear as an obstacle. This goes without saying that the hearts of Barcelona’s regular starters are slow to tire out.

Barcelona Transfer Rumors: New Players Needed? Your Say…

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    Now, it is time to have you involved in this debate. Speaking of the effects that new signings could have on the club’s financial status, are the leaders of FC Barcelona considering the right decisions? In view of Barca’s current potential, wouldn’t new signings rather disturb the club’s management as to the position of each player in the team?

    Publicize your views and get heard. All decent comments are welcomed...