Should Spurs Add-a-Bayor? Is Our Pure White Club Turning Pink?

David JacobsCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2010

Should Spurs Add-a-Bayor??
Should Spurs Add-a-Bayor??Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Once again, Emmanuel Adebayor has been linked to Spurs. A year has passed and the newspapers have run out of players to link Spurs to. Therefore, all the names go back into a hat and they pull good ol' Emma out again.

But if Harry is serious about bidding for him, will our pure white club turn a shade of pink with the influx of ex-Arsenal players in recent years? And if we don't want him, do we still need him?

Adebayor has reportedly had another scuffle with Mancini in the dressing room and is close to exiting Eastlands. And when a player wants to leave a club or is reported to have fallen out with their current manager, guess who the papers think they'll sign for?

Yep you've guessed it, Spurs, who must have already written out Ade's first £160k cheque...NOT!

City would expect the Togolese hitman to receive his full wages or close to that at his next club, should he move there. But Tottenham Hotspur have a strict cap on wages at the 80k mark, only half ofAdebayor's current pay.

So surely this would immediately blow any speculation out of the water before any misguided, schizophrenic sports writer can link him to Spurs.

But assuming that he would be prepared to halve his pay to move to Spurs, is it what we want or need?

It's not what most Spurs fans would want, but to me, he's the type of player we need!

The fact he's an ex-Gooner has put a majority of Spurs fans off him anyway, despite Gallas earning favour from fans with a solid, world-class captain's performance against his old club to win 3-2 from 2-0 down.

Still, there have been a couple of other players who came from Arsenal in David Bentley and Rohan Ricketts. Maybe it's because they weren't well utilised at Arsenal, but the principle is the same: they wore a red shirt in their career before moving.

I can't be hypocritical here. I didn't mind Gallas coming over as we were desperate for some cover at the back. Currently, the situation here is we're desperate for cover at the front, so I don't mind either way whether Adebayor comes here.

We need a physical striker with presence AND shooting quality. Someone who has the combined qualities of the current strikeforce we have and more.

Crouch - Mixed bag. Holds the ball well with his feet, but can't kick the ball in the goal for toffee at the moment.

Pavlyuchenko - Great striker, but is too easily muscled off the ball.

Defoe - Has toughened up and is our sharpest striker, but would benefit greatly from a counterpart to double the goals. Remember Kanoute?

Keane - Well, insert your own concerns here.

Adebayor is the complete striker. You can say what you want about money focusing attitude on the pitch, etc. but if we're going to be picky about strikers, we'll never get anybody and we need somebody who takes a larger percentage of the service given to him and convert it into goals.

Berbatov looked lazy on the pitch at Spurs no doubt, and still does at United; but look at the moments of brilliance he conserves his energy for when he has the ball.

Up until the toys-out-the-pram saga with Manchester United, Berbatov was a god to every Spurs fan who came to the Lane to watch him.

Sure it's fun to dream about Suarez, Dzeko and the like, but if a player is happy at his current club, he'll stay no matter what bid Levy comes up with. 

If a player is unhappy, and loves football more than money, he wants to move and will be more likely to join unlikely clubs.

No point poo-pooing Ade if we're all going to say f**k off to Luis Fabiano for turning down a move to us last summer and then regretting it three weeks later.


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