FIFA: Please Save Football from Its Current Foul Officiating!

DENZEL CHRISTOPHERContributor INovember 20, 2010

FIFA President: Sepp Blatter needs a push in the right direction!
FIFA President: Sepp Blatter needs a push in the right direction!Pool/Getty Images

Everything in life adapts to change in order to be relevant. Sometimes, it can be through natural evolution, like the aging process we all go through, or it can be incidental.

For the game of football given the vast amount of changes that have happened with its rules and regulations, it is only proper that the referees are given a much-needed assistance with how the game is managed.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is the international governing body of association football. This paper is a call to attention for that body. We start with a refresher on what are the key referee duties;

Cases in review are just a selection from a catalog of damned officiating.

Video samples start with this poor performance in decision making against Italy in their 2002 World Cup match against the host, South Korea;

Several more incidents cry out for correction: England’s 1966 World Cup third goal against then-West Germany in the final game at Wembley;

German Keeper Harold 'Toni' Schumacher’s attack on French player Patrick Battiston in the 1982 World Cup semi-final match hosted by Spain;

Diego Maradona’s “hand of god” goal against England in the 1986 World Cup game hosted in Mexico;

This year’s World Cup in South Africa had more than its fair share ridiculous decisions made by the man with the whistle;

The science of human abilities and limitations support the need for reliable external aids which would assist the refs tremendously;

Other studies, especially the one conducted by the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine, reveal that direction and positioning of the field official may add to a bias ruling potential;

It therefore follows that some form of remedy must be sort to arrest these joy-killer decisions by the man at center.

The use of micro chip soccer balls and goal line technology, despite, UEFA President Michel Platini's dismissive “Playstation” parallel, will have to be seriously considered and adopted;

Soccer cannot be held hostage by ancient thinking, however well meaning it may seem while everything that surrounds it marches forward. The cost, so far, has been a horrible blight on the beautiful game.

Sometimes the social costs have been prohibitive as a club is relegated or prevented from making an historic sporting achievement, and a team manager sacked.

In addition, there is the punishing effect of losing huge broadcast rights income and brand name marketing power;

Finally, changing FIFA can come from within or from the outside.  Currently, this soccer body has over the years given a tepid response to the idea of introducing goal-line technology. Football fans around the world has to lead this effort;

Please feel free to read and post your comments so that any and all ideas generated would help move FIFA in the right direction for the greater good of the game we love so much.