11 Players Who Have Played Their Entire Career In Serie A

James RiggioContributor INovember 4, 2010

11 Players Who Have Played Their Entire Career In Serie A

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    Alessandro Nesta is one of the few that has played his entire career in Serie A.Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

    It is very difficult to break into Serie A, and as a result, just 11 current players have spent their entire professional careers in Italy's top division. To qualify for this list, a player must have at least five years of experience in Serie A and have never played a professional match in a league other than Serie A.

Francesco Totti

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    Roma captain Francesco Totti has spent his entire career with AS Roma.Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

    Totti is the greatest to ever play for AS Roma. It is hard to believe that he and Alessandro Nesta were both born in the Eternal City and in the same year.

Daniele De Rossi

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    Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

    AS Roma's vice-captain, De Rossi is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

Lorenzo De Silvestri

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    De Silvestri started with Lazio before moving to Fiorentina.Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

    Another Roman, the Fiorentina right back grew up with Lazio before moving to Florence.

Daniele Dessena

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    Dessena has moved around and is currently with Sampdoria.Massimo Cebrelli/Getty Images

    Dessena is a product of Parma's fine youth academy. The center midfielder is now with Sampdoria after spending time with Cagliari last season.


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    After starting with Udinese, the Brazilian defender is now with Fiorentina.Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

    The Brazilian defender started his professional career with Udinese before moving to Fiorentina last January.

Alberto Gilardino

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    Gilardino has moved around Serie A and is now with Fiorentina.Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

    Gilardino made his pro debut with Piacenza. The center forward has also played for Verona, Parma and AC Milan, before joining Fiorentina.

Marco Motta

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    Juventus is the fourth Serie A squad for right back Marco Motta.Roberto Serra/Getty Images

    Motta is a fine product out of of the Atalanta school. Motta is one of many stars that have come out of the Bergamo-based academy. Now with Juventus, the right back has also played for Udinese and AS Roma.

Giovanni Pasquale

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    Pasquale grew up with Inter and now plays left back for Udinese.Dino Panato/Getty Images

    Pasquale is a left back who grew up with Inter. Now with Udinese, he has also played for Parma, Siena and Livorno.

Giampiero Pinzi

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    Midfielder Giampiero Pinzi has bounced around and is on his second tour of duty with Udinese.Roberto Serra/Getty Images

    A hard-working midfielder, this Roman native grew up with Lazio. Pinzi has spent much of his career with Udinese, but spent last season with Chievo.

Fernando Tissone

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    Fernando Tissone never played a professional match in Argentina before moving to Italy.Massimo Cebrelli/Getty Images

    The Argentine midfielder who now plays with Sampdoria, joined Udinese before he had ever played a professional match in his native country.

Alessandro Nesta

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    Claudio Villa/Getty Images

    One of the greatest defenders of all-time, Nesta grew up with Lazio and moved to AC Milan in 2002 when the Roman-based side went into financial turmoil. He is one of five natives of Rome in this list.