Something No United Fan Wants To Hear Has Just Been Plastered All Over The Media

True BlueCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2010

Time to go?
Time to go?Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We all know that Manchester United's debt situation is far from ideal.

We all know that the massive revenues that they have generated are predicated on winning titles and appearing in the Champions League.

We all know that the history of United is (almost) without compare in the English game.

And what we all really knew was that United were at best a team in transition.

But it now seems that what Wayne Rooney knows is that United are a team in free fall and the landing is not going to be a pretty site.

Wayne Rooney has committed the cardinal sin of seeing his future somewhere else. And that, for United fans and the United manager seems incomprehensible.

Why would anyone want to leave the great Man U'?

Rooney has made it very,very clear. 

He believes that they cannot compete for the big names and that the manager is on the way out.

Rooney also suggests that he has been promised things that have not been met.

United simply did not spend in the summer, and irrespective of what the loyal Glazerite Fergie says it was because they cannot spend.

We hear there is £160m in the bank, but that is made up of most sponsorship revenues for the next 3 years and is being held in reserve for debt repayments.

Wayne Rooney knows, from the inside, that things are only going to get a lot worse and I suspect that the way he is pushing for a move in January it is going to get a lot worse very quickly.

Rooney wants a future full of success.

It seems United have a history full of it but a manager, chief exec and owners full of something else.

I wonder if Rooney will  get out before Scholes, Giggs, Van Der Sar and Neville retire?