Who is Currently the World's Greatest Player?

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

From when he signed with Barcelona, up until about late 2006 or early 2007, Ronaldinho was deemed the best player in the world. There was no argument about it.

However, many would agree with me when I say that Ronaldinho is no longer the world's best player. The only problem is that no one can seem to agree on who is the best in the world. Personally, I don't think that there absolutely has to be a "best" player in the world, but I would like to hear the opinions of others on who they think is the best.

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be the favorite in this competition. Last year he had a total of 42 goals in 48 appearances, an amazing feat. Ronaldo can get by any defender with his broad arsenal of fancy moves, and he has been known to set up a few goals for others.

Then again, had John Terry made that deciding clutch penalty kick in last year's Champion's League final, then it would have been Ronaldo's fault. Ronaldo did a variety of stepovers before finally sending his penalty shot straight into the hands of Petr Cech, one of the best goalies in the world, but weak when it comes to penalty kicks.

Maybe your vote is for Kaka. He beat out Ronaldo to win the European Player of the Year award in 2007. Kaka had considerably less impressive stats than Cristiano Ronaldo last year, however, stats do not measure success.

Kaka is one of the players who gives one-hundred percent of his heart and soul into every game. He realizes he is lucky to be playing after a career-threatening injury hit him during his days in Sao Paulo. Kaka can play any midfield or forward position, and was instrumental in Milan's Champion's League success in 06-07 netting ten goals during the tournament.

Plagued by injuries last year, Frank Lampard has fallen out of this discussion for most, but he deserves to be here. He can score twenty goals which is very impressive for a midfielder. He is also one of the more accurate free kick takers, and is often called upon to take Chelsea's penalties, even with the likes of Michael Ballack on the team.

The most recent player to enter the discussion for best in the world is "El Nino," Fernando Torres. Few knew who he was when he was playing in Spain for an under achieving Atletico Madrid. He had 82 goals in 214 appearances, but his career didn't take off until he signed with Liverpool in the summer of 2007. Last year he netted 24 goals in 33 appearances, a ratio that shows his consistency for goal scoring.

If Liverpool have any success this year, it will surely be because of Torres, not to take credit away from Steven Gerrard.

Some may still think that Ronaldinho is the best. After all, we really didn't see much of him last year. This was due to him missing games often due to injuries. Maybe a fresh start with AC Milan is what is needed for Ronaldinho. Then again, he will be playing alongside Kaka, and it seems as though Kaka's contributions to Milan will overshadow Ronaldinho's.

A dark horse in this competition, in my opinion, is Wayne Rooney. He is often overlooked simply because of the fact that he plays with Cristiano Ronaldo. Rooney also gives his fair share of contributions too.

He has a decent goal to appearance ratio, scoring in just less than half of his appearances. He is also one of the more controversial figures in the world of football, and is not much of a fan favorite, except for with the Manchester United faithful.

This is by no means anywhere near a complete list of contenders for "world's best player."

Personally, my vote is for Kaka. Feel free to voice your opinion on who you believe dominates the pitch.