Sheamus, starting a new path of destruction

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 18, 2010

While most people agree that the two championship runs that Sheamus had were cheapened by the fact that he never got convincing victories over his opponents, nobody can dispute the fact that “The Celtic Warrior” has proven himself worthy of main event status.

     The confusing part of this, is the fact that WWE spent so much time building Sheamus up to be such an unstoppable brute in ECW, and later on RAW, only to make him look weak when he actually won the heavyweight title.  Of course confusing booking is only one of the problems that WWE is currently facing, but that’s another story.  But despite how bad he was made to look, Sheamus is still a force to be reckoned with.  But what does he do now that he is no longer the champion?  Start back at square one, and destroy anything that moves.

     Yes, it seems from my point of view that this would be the best course of action to take.  And from the looks of things, this might be just the way things are going.  Watching him totally crush Daniel Bryan got me thinking that this could just be the first in a string of bodies that might be laid to waste while Sheamus works out his frustrations.  The next display of this aggression might be seen at Bragging Rights, as he is a member of team RAW.  That gives him seven potential victims.  But where to go from there?

     Enter, the Royal Rumble.  What better way to get yourself back into the hunt for the heavyweight title, than by winning the Rumble, and getting yourself an instant place in the main event at Wrestlemania.  But being so many months away, who would his potential opponent be?  Some are already talking about Sheamus possibly being the person to challenge The Undertaker this year.  That would certainly make for a good match, but I have a funny feeling that Triple-H might be making his comeback before Mania, and will want revenge on Sheamus.  As we know, the heavyweight title seems to change hands often, so there is no telling who would be holding it by Wrestlmania, but an interesting scenario could be Triple-H and Sheamus having a rematch from last year, with one of them being the champion at that point.  The difference being this time, Sheamus gets the win.

    But for now, it will be fun to watch Sheamus rebuild his credability as he runs amok over the RAW roster, on his way back to the main event.