Will Manchester United Fans Desert the Team if Rooney Leaves and City Dominate?

True BlueCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2010

Wayne Rooney, City bound?
Wayne Rooney, City bound?Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Wow, there is a big story in play at the moment that involves Manchester United and it's not about the Glazers! Well, not directly at least.

According to plenty of news reports, Wayne Rooney is going to run down his current contract (which has an uncomfortably small 18 months left) and is not interested in signing a new one with England's biggest club.

He is also no longer on speaking terms with the country's most successful manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Now many are suggesting that this is Rooney (or more accurately his agent) simply pushing for a better deal, trying to maximise the contract that is likely to be the most important of his career.

But I think it runs deeper than that. I think that behind the scenes the wages being offered by United are now too low to convince the worlds best to sign and that is because of the Glaziers and their need to create a cash pile to service the debts piled on United.

But it may also be about the fact that Rooney simply isn't enjoying his time at United. He has outgrown the hair dryer treatment so favoured by Sir Alex Ferguson and has likely seen that, just like Liverpool United are now moving into an historical club and not a club of now.

If, and its still a big if, Rooney were to leave United it would be a massive blow to their stature as a top, buying club.

But it could be far worse for United as one of the most likely destinations for any expensive superstar is Manchester City and although I am not suggesting that Rooney will sign on at COMS I am also saying that it is possible.

Only two seasons ago such a thought was, well unthinkable. But alarmingly for United fans that is no longer the case.

There has rarely been a shift in power in football that has happened so quickly as the one towards Manchester City and the capture of Rooney would likely cost the Reds far more than City would gain.

If Rooney were to sign on the dotted line and pull on the Sky Blue of City then it may well be the end of Fergie's tenure and that could hand the baton of Manchester's biggest club to City for many, many years to come.