Liverpool FC: Dear Tom Hicks, Liverpool Fans Hate You and Want You Out

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 8, 2010

Liverpool FC: Dear Tom Hicks, Liverpool Fans Hate You and Want You Out

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    A few months ago, these pleas were coming from Texas Ranger fans. Their ball club was being bankrupted and it was showing on the field.

    Rangers fans wanted the owner, Tom Hicks, to finally give up the club. Their pleas worked.

    Now those same sentiments are being shouted from the rooftops from another location, Liverpool, England. Hicks is the owner of their beloved Liverpool Football Club, a club full of history and tradition, and the fans want their team back.

The Fans Tried by Email

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    There was a mass email that had been sent out, an email I was copied on, to media outlets like Fox News, Wall Street Journal, among several others. The text of that email read as follows:

    Dear USA Media Executive/Outlet
    *We gave you THE BEATLES and this is how you repay us?*
    What happened to the *’Special Relationship’ *between the US and the UK?
    Are you aware of how *Tom Hicks* is driving our beloved *Liverpool Football Club *into the ground?
    How would you like it if a British “businessman” came over to the USA and
    destroyed the New York Yankees. Or the LA Lakers. Or the Washington Redskins?
    Well, we are living Wayne Huizenga and the Florida Marlins all over again!
    Please Google *”Tom Hicks + Liverpool”* to see what an embarrassment he is to the USA.
    We would be grateful if you could help us by reporting our story in order that me might persuade Wall Street NOT to lend him the money he is currently
    trying to raise, to drive our football team into even more debt and despair.
    Sorry about the mass email approach but we have tried everything else, and we feel like we are at the end of the road.
    Thanks in anticipation
    Fans of Liverpool Football Club

And Now Their Voices Have Been Put To Video

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    He's run the team aground as he did with the Rangers and their fans are reaching out to whoever is willing to listen to them to try and get their pleas heard.

    Since they felt as if that email wasn't read, they have put their own voices to a video that has been put on YouTube and, once again, sent to all who will listen.

    Tom Hicks, the fans have spoken. You sold the Rangers, it's time you sell Liverpool as well.