WWE Hell In A Cell 2010, gave us six things to think about

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 5, 2010

With only two weeks to hype this pay per view I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope that it would be very good.  Thankfully it was more entertaining that I had expected.  Of course you had to expect some good, and some bad , but on the whole the six matches that we ended up seeing weren’t that bad, and they gave each gave me something to consider.

Daniel Bryan is for real.

     Even though Michael Cole is in character when he is constantly bashing Bryan, he did utter this statement last night after Bryan retained his U.S. Title in the three way, submissions count anywhere match.  And as far as I’m concerned, its true, Daniel Bryan is a very good wrestler who belongs in WWE, and deserves better competition than The Miz.  Hopefully now that Miz has tapped out for a second time,  Bryan can continue this rivalry against John Morrison.  These two put together in singles matches can potentially steal the show on any pay per view.  But I will give Miz some credit for one thing he says.  Bryan really does need to work on the personality a little bit.  Other than that, he looks good.

Where does Sheamus go from here?

     The speculation that WWE might be second guessing giving Randy Orton the championship was at least temporarily put to rest last night when The Viper won a very hard fought match against Sheamus.  Ortons clear and decisive victory over The Celtic Warrior means that at least for the time being, he will be staying champion.  But where does this leave Sheamus?  His title runs were marred by the fact that he never got clean wins over anybody, and now that he has been defeated by Orton yet again, he really has no claim for future title shots.  I guess he could be put into one of those mulit person main events that WWE is so fond of.  But really, he needs to start a new feud, and hopefully get a few clean wins over some top talent to make himself look like a real contender again.  The big question though, is who can he face?

Has WWE creative gone crazy?

     I was wondering how they were going to stretch out Hell In A Cell with only 5 matches.  I got my answer in a segment that involved Alberto Del Rio, Edge, and Jack Swagger.  Seriously, they did a RAW style in ring segment with the mystery GM making a match on the fly, at a pay per view?  This is the sort of thing I expect over at TNA, but not in WWE.    When will these clowns figure out that people HATE the mystery GM angle, and that doing this at a pay per view is just plain stupid.  The only thing that saved this, is the fact that Edge and Swagger actually had a very good match.  But I guess when you only give yourself two weeks between pay per views, this is the sort of nonsense you get.

Is this the beginning of the John Cena heel turn?

     Now despite the fact that I think the creative team is losing their marbles, I will at least give them credit for learning from their past mistakes.  John Cena joining Nexus will make for some interesting story ideas if done right.  This was the same situation we had when Rey Mysterio would have been forced to join the S.E.S. had he lost a match to C.M. Punk.  But that never happened.  So now we have a second chance at it with Cena.   But lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Cena being forced to join Nexus does not make him a heel.  He is just a reluctant member of the group.  But perhaps this could be the start of something.  Maybe over the course of time, Nexus can get into Cenas head and convince him of their “higher purpose”  I know its a long shot, but with all the talk about Cena possibly turning heel in the future, this could at least be how the idea gets started.

The Diva’s Division REALLY needs Beth Phoenix back.

     I did not believe for one second going into Hell In A Cell that Natalya was going to win the Diva’s Championship from Michelle McCool, and unfortunately I was right.  It seems that the WWE is hell bent on putting over these two Beautiful People wanna-be’s and their grade school antics.  Of course most people have figured out that the back room politics of McCool being “Mrs Undertaker” probably has a lot to do with this.  Either way, Natalya was just being lined up as a contender to kill time until Beth Phoenix comes back for her anticipated feud with LayCool.  And really, that can’t come soon enough.  Especially if it means taking the titles off of these two.  Its a shame that WWE has actual talent among its female competitors, but fails to utilize it.

Is this really the begining of the end for The Undertaker?

    I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by Paul Bearer turning on Taker, considering the last time we saw the guy, he was being buried in cement by him.  But it seemed to make little sense that Bearer would return, restore The Undertaker to his full strength, only to destroy him.  Maybe he wanted Taker at his best so there would be no excuses?  But if that was the case, then he wouldn’t have to interfere on Kane’s behalf.  Oh well, such is the WWE logic sometimes.  In any case, this might be the storyline pushing forward that will see these two have another match at Survivor Series.  Many speculate that since this is where Taker had his start, that this is the way they are going to retire him.  I’m not so sure of that.  Yes, he may end up having a match that will put him off of television for a while, and “end” his career.  But I don’t think he really is set to retire just yet.  I could be wrong, but I feel that Undertaker still has a couple of years left in him.  But for now, we can just sit back and enjoy where this feud is going for just a little while longer.