Diaby v/s Denilson v/s Song v/s Wilshere- Can We Compare Them?

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Youth @ Arsenal

There are comparisons ringing all over the blogosphere about the impact of Wilshere in the squad and some have put down Diaby and Denilson as failures. While Alexandre Song Bilong has been tipped off as a one season wonder and is said to be losing his touch. Some people have even called for his head, which is very common to the Diaby’s and the Denilson’s of the world. Now, moving away from the emotions and liking for a player, let us analyse what kind of arsenal they bring to our club and their importance to “The Arsenal”.


An 18 year old Prodigal son, a proud product of the Arsenal Youth Academy. His brief stint with the Wanderers last season seems to have given him the confidence and the experience required to perform at the top level. Right from the start of the season, he has impressed, i.e. if you remember, right from the moment he struck the crossbar with a sweet left foot volley from Rosicky’s corner against AC Milan. His vision has been phenomenal to watch and his grit is a joy to behold. Add to that, He’s English- that is a qualification to many. Wenger has given him a position adjacent to Song, which is close to a holding midfield role and his discipline has been astonishingly good for a teenager. He is a player on form and is very important to our squad. However, he is still learning his trade and does some little mistakes which hopefully will be eliminated with time. Those mistakes are covered up by the others, so we don’t see it come to light as much as those of other players. He still has to prove throughout the season and seasons to come for me, to be named among the class of Liam Brady. That said, we’ve to give it to the youngster, that he is right on track to doing just that!


Diaby is a strong, powerful and very talented player. He is a very important part of this squad and for the squad rotation. Most people have written him off and it was very sad to see the fans boo-ing him in the West Brom game. He is very unlucky, to say the least because of his injury record, but if you look at the injuries he has suffered, most have been out of rough tackles in the league. Eg: the ankle hack in Sunderland and recently the Paul Robinson Horror tackle, not because of the myth that he is a perma-crock. To say he is just shit and is a passenger at the Arsenal is very wrong. Agreed, he has not been performing well, but he has been injured and has missed the preseason as well. When on song, he brings physicality to this side’s midfield and bosses the central area of the pitch. Look to the Blackburn game and his ratings on various sites, he was immense for us. Last season, all through winter, he was our major player, give him time and he will become consistent. He has to get a run of games, maybe one or two matches in the reserves would do him good and will lead him to recovery, to save for the testing outs in the big stage. He has got his mistakes like not tracking back occasionally, wrong decision making and holding on to the ball for too long. However, no one can deny his skill on the ball and he has got a very good finish on him. He is out of form that is the end of it, bring him in to the squad after he is up to speed and he will be the player we all wish to see. This guy has a lot to prove this season and we will see him step up, if Wenger’s faith in him is right.


He is our most un-flashy player. That is why most supporters don’t like him. He does the simple things on the pitch and is the definition of the way Arsenal play- Possession. He maintains possession of the ball and keeps the team ticking. He is always available for the pass for a teammate and gets the ball out of the defense- Look to the Tottenham CC game and note the number of times, he comes to young Jack’s aid. He has bulked up this season and he embarks on a big and very important season for the Gunners. He is a good squad player and is needed to complement the strengths of Song and Fabregas. And, he does what the others in the team don’t do- takes a shot from distance and takes it well. His errors are being a little slack in tracking back, not lunging in to break an opposition attack and not being physical enough in the defensive department. However, we’ve seen the first good signs with his sliding tackle on the Partisan player in the Champions League. He just has to be a little consistent defensively and we can dominate midfield against most teams in the Premier League. Supporters, must know what his role in the squad is before giving him all the flak. So, with most of the followers writing him off, he has a task in hand to emerge and prove himself. If he stays confident and plays with strength and courage, we’ll witness that happening.


Well, he was our best DM last season. Almost the entire blogging fraternity stayed united in their opinion that Song is progressing to become one of the best Defensive midfielders in the League. However, his entire image has fallen apart because of his loss in form and his bizarre obsession for scoring goals for the Red and White. But, I personally think it is a managerial instruction for him to become more box and box. It aids the way we play and adds to the fluidity of the squad. He will improve his passing and he has to bust his gut a lot more. But, when he loses the ball, he gets caught up field and this is detrimental to the defense. He needs to read the game better and must decide better on when to move forward and when not to. He knows these areas are to be improved on. And if you notice properly he has learnt the art of giving away the foul to stop the opposition counter. These cynical things are very important for our squad and these fouls will stop half a dozen goals we conceded last season. Calling for his head is delusional from the fans, but on a side note, he really needs to get back to his previous hairstyle, this one sucks! Haha! He will be immense during the length of the season and is less injury prone as well, so that is vital to the squad.

I think I have covered most of the strengths and weaknesses of these players. Comparing these players in the same breath is not proper as every one of them contributes different things to the squad. Wilshere- his vision and creativity, Diaby- his physical strength and powerful runs, Denilson- his ball retention and simple passing and Song- his presence, pivot and tackling. With concerted effort and patience, all can be achieved and all of these players will play their part during the course of the season to help the team notch points. By the end of the season, I truly hope, the three players in question step up and make most of the naysayers eat their words. But all said and done, most of them will be very happy if they are proved wrong, as they are true Arsenal fans, who are just frustrated.

Tell me what you think about these players as well!

I for one, will back the whole squad and will sing their name for they are wearing the Red and White which drapes our hearts. Go Gunners!

PS: Editor’s note: All of the above are from Wenger’s factory.

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