Cesc Fabregas Will Help Arsenal Push for Title Regardless of Barcelona Rumors

illya mclellan@illya mclellan @illbehaviorNZSenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2010

Fabregas was substituted in Arsenal's win at Blackburn, Wenger later saying that he is 'not quite there yet'.
Fabregas was substituted in Arsenal's win at Blackburn, Wenger later saying that he is 'not quite there yet'.Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Recently in footballing circles, the talk has been dominated by that twice yearly sideshow that is the transfer window.

All sorts of rumors fly around the world about myriad players and agents along with stories of secret rendezvous and extra long phone conversations in the training ground carpark. It reaches ridiculous proportions of exaggeration and conjecture as players movements and quotes are scrutinized to the same degree as the population of some sort of fascist totalitarian government.

When it comes to certain players, though, the interest in their possible yearning for another club is huge news, making media outlets millions as stories are devoured by the reading and viewing public.

This is certainly the case with Francesc Fabregas.

He is for certain one of the most exceptional young talents in the footballing world, guiding Arsenal in last season's campaign with a sense of calm excellence that is often the distinctive characteristic of those who reach the very top levels of their chosen profession.

His cameo off the bench against Villa (coming on in the 65th minute, scoring twice to set up a 3-0 rout, before being subbed back off with a suspected injury, a true cameo) at the Emirates just one instance where his obvious value to Arsenal football club was underlined.

Unfortunately for him and his club, they were not of the same standard as Chelsea, who were in the end, just too strong for the rest of the league last season.

His season did not end there of course, for the World Cup was to come. Though for many of the EPL stars, it proved to be the place that dreams and imaginings foundered on the harsh and barren coast of reality, for the young Spaniard, it was to be him who would set up the goal that won the very trophy itself.

It was truly sensational and actually quite similar to the match mentioned earlier as he again came from the bench to provide what could be said to be the most crucial assist in world football.

In the aftermath of this moment he was actually, for a time, wearing a Barcelona shirt as Carles Puyol put it on him during the wild celebrations that followed the trophy win.

This of course led to more intense and out of control rumor mongering that went to new levels of ridiculousness as the jabbering reached crescendo-like levels.

Despite all this, Fabregas remains at Arsenal, simply for the reason that Barcelona did not want to pay what they needed to to take the London club's most influential player. They opted instead for David Villa and though they placed a bid for Fabregas, it was far from Arsenal's estimation of the player's worth.

Fabregas himself had made no effort to conceal his longing to return to his home to play for the club that nurtured him through his youth, but instead has to now stay with the club and manager that have made him a household name.

Although it could be said that it is he himself who has the ability that has propelled him so far in the game, it would be a fool who suggests that Arsene Wenger has had nothing to do with the young player's rise to prominence.

So, he is still an Arsenal player after all this, and it is Arsenal who pay his wage and the Arsenal team and manager that he takes the field with every week. For true champions, these things are never fickle arrangements. They play for their club because they respect the club itself.

Fabregas is a world champion and has not gotten to this level by some silly quirk of fate. He has worked and toiled to fine tune his abilities to breaking point, so that on the greatest stage he was able to do what was required to win.

This tenacious excellence will translate to his efforts this season and though he has had a somewhat slow start to his season, Arsene Wenger has assured those who care that he will be every bit as convincing as an Arsenal player as he was last season. 

A player of his quality is a rare quantity in any team and it will be pivotal to Arsenal's challenge this season that he is playing to his best. His professionalism is there to be witnessed in his achievements with his country. Though he would have been devastated to not actually start the World Cup final, he retained his mental composure and went on to play a pass that won the game. This is an example of his mental toughness and fortitude.

The same mental strength will enable him to rise again above disappointment and showcase his ability for Arsenal again. There are many that think that he owes the club to do so.

He has honed his craft further with his time at Arsenal, and if that time is now coming to an end, it is high time that he took the club to trophy success, whatever that trophy may be.

His professionalism, ability, and integrity are all on the line here. It seems as though the most logical course of action for the player will be to embrace his passion and see where it takes him as a member of Arsene Wenger's Arsenal side.