Liverpool FC: Ten Players We Should Have Held On To !

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIAugust 29, 2010

Liverpool FC: Ten Players We Should Have Held On To !

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    The following list contains Ex-Liverpool players who I feel should have never have left the club to begin with.

    Before everyone starts commenting, stating that these players wanted to leave r they sucked during there time in Liverpool, just realize that when ever we did have these players we won trophies and had some of the most successful seasons the club has ever had since the days of Rush and Dalglish.

    If you would like to suggest some players as well please do in the comment section that you and enjoy the show.

10: Harry Kewell

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    For me the left wing position has always been a huge nightmare for Liverpool to overcome. WE had many who tried to secure the position but many have failed, however for me Harry Kewell was one of the most promising, experienced and talented guys we had for the job. 

    Although Kewell's time at the Reds was plagued with injuries, we mus not forget what type of player the Aussie was, during his time at the EPL, he has become one of the most destructive players to ever set foot in the pitch, his time he spent at Leeds allowed him to showcase his talents to the world, during the 1999 season he was one of the most talented players in the world with clubs all over the world each wanting their share in the young Aussie such as Barcelona, Ac Milan, Arsenal, Manchester united and of course Liverpool.

    During his time with the club he won both the FA Cup and the Champions League. He has also scored a handful of goal for the Reds for the short time that he was there.

    Kewell was one of those players that found it very easy to drift in out of gaps and create chances out of nothing, his partnership with Riise of the left was key to Liverpool's success. He may not have been the greatest player we ever had but in terms of class and quality i don't think we can ever get anyone like him again.


    Jole Cole


9: Xabi Alonso

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    It is no lie that ever since the Spanish midfielder left the club 2 years ago, that Liverpool have been undergoing one of there worst patches in football.

    Alonso was so instrumental to the team, his long passes and innovation allowed him to create superb chances for his team mates; Torres and Gerrard in particular. Many would consider him to be one of liverpool's greatest players in the game. 

    I feel that if Alonso stayed with us for another season or two, we would of never finished 7th last season and the top 4 spot would of been as easy anything. Since his departure we have tried to find a suitable replacement that could cause the same impact and creativity that Alonso did, however we were as usual unlucky. Although Aquilani was plagued by injuries he did give us a glimmer of hope when Xabi left the club, but he never seemed to find his form and place in the club.



8: Peter Crouch

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    Crouch defiantly brought something different to the club, his size was both an unusual and creative asset Liverpool had, as the big men found it fairly easy to score.

    During his tenure at the club, Crouch was used more as a substitute, something many fans at the time seemed to feel was the right thing to do. However when Crouch was given the time to settle in during a match he set the place a light. Who could forget the Bicycle Kick, a thing of pure class and brilliance especially for a man of his caliber. Crouch scored more then 30 goals in all competitons for the club, he was seen as Liverpool's Champions League specialist, lets just hope he does not find the same form with Tottenham.

    I feel he would of made a prefect partner for Torres in todays game, especially how Liverpool are running short (pun not intended) of quality strikers up front.

7: Robbie Keane

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    Keane Like Crouch is a guy who at the moment does not look to bad to be wearing a Liverpool shirt. Keane is one of the most successful players o ever play in the EPL, scoring well over 100 goals. 

    Keane is known for his impressive style of play, his ability to cripple teams single handedly and his humble nature. Although he never really find his groove at Anfield, it was to be expected seen as how Torres was in the form of his life and the season on which he arrived everyone was performing at there very best, I personally feel we should of just kept him until the end of the year at least, who knows he could of been the key to Liverpool's League success that year, instead they finished second. 


6: Yossi Benayoun

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    I realize that Benayoun opted to leave the club and has probably found his place at Chelsea this season, however he was an exceptional player during his time at Liverpool. He was very handy in contributing goals and assists from all corners of the football pitch, who could forget his display against Real Madrid and Manchester united in our 4-0 victories. He also helped us to draw that nail biting game between Arsenal and Liverpool when he netted the ball in twice thus helping Liverpool t secure point in a 4-4 bout.

    i feel that even though it was not an official trade but Chelsea got the better deal when they got benayoun and we got Joe Cole.



5: Javier Mascherano

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    At the moment I am not feeling very pro Mascherano, however i have o give the guy some props, in terms of his time with Liverpool. He was truly the best DMF the Reds have had in the EPL and prior. 

    He had something the likes of which Yaya Toure and Essien don't have and that is skill. He was a work horse as well as leader in the back, he made sure that he kept the defensive line in check, this allowed Reina to feel more comfortable at goal and the back 4 felt more comfortable on he counter, because to get past them they had to get pass Mascherano.





4: John Arne Riise

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    Riise is without a doubt the greatest LB we have eve had in the last decade. Why he was let go i will never fully understand, I mean sure we did find the odd replacement here and there but come on now where else could you find a LB who could score on the counter, set pieces and from corners, well im sure you can find one anywhere but for Liverpool it was one of the toughest positions to ever full. 

    all have failed since Riise departure, Agger, Insua, Auerlio and others have all tried but not one has made an impact like what Riise use to.

3: Djibril Cisse

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    Cisse had something Liverpool lack and that is pace. He was devastating on the wing and was regarded as the fastest player in the EPL during his time at Anfield. 

    I understand that he was not the best of players Liverpool had however if not for him we would of never have won the Champions League, Super Cup and the FA Cup. Benitez thought he found a suitable replacement when he signed Bellamy, however he failed to realize that Bellamy was a man who can't settle in a club for a long time and like Cisse he to was casted into the wilderness. 

2: Luis Garcia

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    This guy was great, he was fast, technically gifted and he was devastating on the counter.

    Luis Garcia was one of those players who you never really notice, however when he left everyone asked where did that guy go. He was a silent assassin for the Reds, it is a shame that we never get to see more of Garcia at Anfield however i feel we found a better replacement in Kuyt, nevertheless, Garcia was a big part of Liverpool's Cup success during his tenure, as he scored the winners against Juventus and Chelsea.

1: Michael Owen

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    The name speaks for itself. 


    Even if Owen were to come back now I think it will be the right thing for Liverpool, why he chose to go to Newcastle and United is beyond me, his excuse was tha he wanted more first team football. Well done Mate you got what you wanted, only problem is that you have to wait until Rooney and Berbatov get injured then maybe Ferguson will decide to throw you up front with Hernandez.

    I feel if he came to Anfield it would have been better for his career, as he is already a legend there and it would have taken him a day or two to adjust before he became his destructive self again. Hopefully Torres does not make the same mistake Owen did, and stays with the Reds for the foreseeable future.