The Premier League Disease and Why We Are the Mugs.

True BlueCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2010

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 27:  Dejected Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey, Ashley Cole and John Terry of England after being knocked out of the tournament during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between Germany and England at Free State Stadium on June 27, 2010 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Michael Regan/Getty Images

The more I read about the pay being offered up to even the most average of footballers in the Premier League the more I wonder why?

As bankers continue to get it in the neck for killing the financial markets and agents for chivvying along the death of the beautiful game, the players seem to think they are actually worth the money on offer!

Now of course they are not.

But that is the marketplace in which they are selling their services and so we have to accept that until people say enough is enough it will continue.

What really makes the whole situation wholly unacceptable for me is the behaviour of the players.

I see little or no acceptance from them that they should act as professionals both on and off the pitch.

Drinking, drugs, and wife-beating are no longer enough to stop you getting a job on TV, radio or in print! When did that become acceptable?

Serial woman-beater and sexual deviant Stan Collymore even has the audacity to preach to others about things moral! 

According to people in the media the whole point of employing people like Collymore is to create debate! No, it's because they need to sell something, and it's a shortcut and an immoral way of doing it.

We then have Paul "cannot string a sentence together" Merson, another guy with rather dubious credentials to commentate on football. He has drug, drink, and gambling addictions. For that he has my sympathy, but he also has no place in front of kids or adults alike. Sorry but no.

Also he is a complete buffoon with little or no ability to use the spoken word.

But then we come to the current crop of players.

There are currently four "super injunctions" that stop the press from reporting the fact that injunctions exist and from naming the players involved.

The reasons for these injunctions is because the players are so wealthy as to be able to afford legal mechanisms you and I could not put into force. So the law is bought in order to protect the wealthy.

These same players are willing to sell their wedding and new baby pictures to the highest bidder, and invite cameras in when it suits them, but apparently when they text pictures of their genitals to people they barely know it cannot be used in the same publications.

There are currently super injunctions in place for two England fullbacks due to their adulterous behaviour, and in one case it is because of sexual deviance with prostitute(s).

A midfield player with a prominent Premier League team from the North of England is attempting to stop the press naming him for links to drug dealing. Something he incidentally does not deny, but feels it would affect his ability to earn from sponsorship deals in the future. Well that's OK then isn't it!

Another England international has been on bail for some months now on suspicion of physically abusing his partner.

We see Wayne Rooney's drunken behaviour apparently accepted by all?

Joey Barton resuming his career and hailed a hero after his long list of transgressions.

Ashley Cole, possibly one of the most despicable people in sport, feels hard done after repeatedly using his penis rather than his brain.

Peter Crouch is, well, what can I say? He has a beautiful fiancee and the perfect life and he feels that is not enough, so he frequents prostitutes.

And I think therein lies the problem.

These spoiled players are never expected to live a normal life and are rarely, if ever, told no.

A couple of seasons ago a Middlesbrough player (whilst they were in the Premier League) was pulled over by the police while driving suspiciously.

When asked, he was able to provide his name, but could not provide his address. He explained that his P.A. had put the address in the Sat Nav and whenever he wanted to go home he pressed one button.

The same P.A. dealt with all his post so he never saw he address.

He had lived at the house for 18 months.

But when it comes down to it we, the viewing public, the consumers of the products they help promote are the mugs.

We are the ones who accept the behaviour and the wages as something we cannot control or change.

Until we get off our bums and tell the FA and the Premier League that they need to have a fit and proper persons test for playing for, as well as owning football clubs then little will change.

Until the inclusion of John Terry, Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch and others I cannot name in the England squad is deemed unacceptable, then Fabio Capello will carry on picking them.

It is after all up to us to make ourselves heard.