Fabio Capello Is Not The Football God England Hoped He Would Be

Daniel GoochAnalyst IAugust 12, 2010

Capello has not turned out to be the saviour that England has been waiting for.

He was named the modern day Alf Ramsey, but has turned out to be just another guy who tried and failed in one of England's hardest jobs.

Since that awful day when The Three Lions were (maybe unfairly) knocked out of the World Cup by their biggest enemy Germany.

That 4-1 defeat caused an uproar from the media. Firstly about goal-line technology, but also about the way the team and management coped on the big stage.

We were told he was going to help England win the world cup after 44 years of misery. Instead he has just made the upset longer.

The Italian has been scrutinised on the preparations for the 2010 tournament.

The players were couped up for the whole month, they had set rules on food and behaviour, and the team sheet was only announced a few hours before the games started.

The players have voiced their views on Capello's antics, and most of them are cynical of his approach.

They were like animals caged up, on a strict time table. They had no room or time to themselves. Not the preparations for the next World Champions.

The Germany game was not the only game that put his leadership qualities into doubt.

The group games were not what the fans had been hoping for, two draws and a close win.

If Fabio doesn't change his ideas, England will carry on being a disappointment.

The FA may be waiting for England's performances to change, but their delay to talk about his future may be made even slower thanks to the huge wages they are paying him.

Capello is on £4million a year, and would get a large compensation fee to him if they were to sack him.

The FA are gambling with England's chances at Euro 2012...Success Vs Money.