Why Mario Balotelli Should Go To Manchester City

Blue RooContributor IIJuly 28, 2010

MADRID, SPAIN - MAY 22: (L-R) Sulley Muntari, Javier Zanetti and Mario Balotelli of Inter Milan celebrate with the UEFA Champions League trophy following their victory at the end of the UEFA Champions League Final match between FC Bayern Muenchen and Inter Milan at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on May 22, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Mario Balotelli is 19 years old. He is Italian, but you could call him different to most from the peninsula. Why? He is black. In my mind, there is nothing wrong with that, but to many many fans, including those of Italian side Juventus, there is. Wherever Mario goes, racism follows. Yes, he has a somewhat poor attitude, but racism does contribute greatly to that.

So, Super Mario as they call him, cops a lot of racism, and adding to that, a lot of criticism. The criticism, however, is not about his footballing abilities. Because, to be honest with you, he is a divine talent, with massive potential to grow into a world superstar. No, the criticism is about that bad attitude he possesses. His teammates dislike him, and seem to not really care about him, which was highlighted in the Coppa Italia Final Vs Roma, when he was kicked by Francesco Totti. Now, normally, when this happens, a teammate rushes to the players aid. But because it's Balotelli, intensely disliked by his teammates, they do nothing. More of his flaws are his constant dives, his whinging, his laziness at times, his inconsistency, and his ego.

But, if racism was no longer a problem with Balotelli, that is he no longer received it, I think those flaws would be less apparent, as his amazing ability would able to come out and shut out those problems. But where could a black man go and not be racially abused? America? Certainly not! No, England would be the perfect option. With the amount of black men in the Premier League, there would be little to no racism directed at Balotelli. As said before, this would allow him to flourish. Also, there are many Africans or Englishmen of African descent in the EPL that could stand as role models for Balo. Didier Drogba, Salomon Kalou, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and most importantly Jerome Boateng, Emmanuel Adebayor and Patrick Vieira. The latter trio play for Manchester City, who covet Balotelli. Vieira would be the perfect role model, as he has no doubt had racism come his way in his lifetime. This would allow Balotelli to grow and mature.

Also, the City fans love all their players, and tend to like those specially gifted e.g Carlos Tevez. This means they would love Balotelli, which would help him, as the Inter fans hate him. Love from the fans would take pressure off Balotelli, again allowing him to improve.

Speaking of Manchester City coveting Balotelli, the Eastlands club are currently in talks with Balo's curent side Inter Milan over a possible move to City. Most importantly, City have the funds to push the move through and Balotelli himself has said he would like to go to City and link up with former coach Roberto Mancini.

In my opinion, a move to City would be the best option for the young Balotelli, as he looks to build on his promise and become the superstar he believes he is destined to be. Without the racism present in Italy, and the pressure from the fans gone, I think his poor attitude would start to fade into the mist, and his football could develop and finally become his way of shutting up his problems and his critics, rather than the rants and the poor behaviour. Indeed, if City do sign Super Mario, he may yet become the best in the world. May is the key word. If he can top his problems, world, be ready to be blown away.