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Arsenal Transfer News: Cesc Meeting, Almunia Off, Vertonghen Gap Year

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Arsenal Transfer News: Cesc Meeting, Almunia Off, Vertonghen Gap Year
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Good morning, just a few bits and pieces to cover today, so let's get down to it.

Apparently, there's going to be another meeting between Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas this week. 

Hardly surprising since Cesc and Robin are supposed to meet up with the squad for the club photo when everyone gets back from Austria. Naturally, it's claimed that this meeting will decide Cesc's future, but to my mind Cesc's future is already decided.

He is under contract to Arsenal. If Barcelona want to sign him, they'll have to table an astronomical offer, and they're unwilling/unable to do that. That doesn't leave too much in doubt in my opinion.

For him to move this summer I think he'd have to hand in a transfer request and start publicly bellyaching for the move, which is not Cesc's style. He has more class than that, and though really I shouldn't be surprised by anything a professional footballer does to get what he wants, I would be disappointed if Cesc went down that route.

Moving on, it appears that Osasuna may be interested in Manuel Almunia . May I suggest we give him to them and then run away very quickly before they realise what's happened? I think it would be a good move for Manuel, and although there were those horrific rumours of Fabianski being made No. 1, if Almunia left you would think that clears the way for Schwarzer or any other goalkeeper we may choose to sign.

The suggestion is that to sign Schwarzer we have to wait for Fulham to install a new manager, which they are taking their over in monumentally annoying fashion. Whether that is the only impediment to the transfer remains to be seen.

Fulham were asking a rather high price for him before, hopefully though Arsene Wenger recognises at the moment that our need is just that great and everybody knows it. It's going to be tough for us to find a good keeper at a low price.

Thomas Vermaelen's old mate Jan Vertonghen has revealed he's very keen on joining Arsenal. However, it's more likely to be next summer if it were to happen.

He did say that he and Vermaelen have never played together in central defence because they're both left footed, which is something we've seen Arsene Wenger avoid in the past. At Ajax, one of them would play at left back and the other in central defence, and perhaps that would end up the same way at Arsenal, though I can't see Vermaelen being shifted from centre-half for any reason.

It's a quiet day of Arsenal news today. Of course we have the friendly against...nope, sorry, no idea. Some Austrian ninth division team or something. The point is the team are playing their latest friendly match today, before flying home ahead of the Emirates Cup fun this weekend.

I'll be back with more tomorrow, take it easy.

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