Red Bull State of Mind

Cesar DiazCorrespondent IIJuly 20, 2010

Despite Saturday's 2-0 loss to the Columbus Crew, Red Bulls fans have a lot to be ecstatic about. After a disastrous 2009 MLS campaign, the Red Bulls have turned things around. As a result, the 2010 New York Red Bulls are currently in second place in the Eastern Conference with a 8-6-2 record.

With the opening of Red Bull Arena, the New York Red Bulls Organization made all the necessary moves to demonstrate to their fans that they're committed to giving them a winning team.

Appointing Erik Soler as the team General Manager and Sporting Director was one of the best moves the Red Bulls made last year. Along with the hiring of Erik Soler, the Red Bulls organization further demonstrated their commitment to giving Red Bulls fans a winning team when they hired Hans Backe. Along with his international coaching pedigree, Hans Backe has instilled a fire in the team which was lacking last season. 

Halfway through the 2010 MLS campaign, the Red Bulls are continuing to make moves. Last week's signing of World Class player Thierry Henry further demonstrated that the Red Bulls want to win now and in the future. By signing Thierry Henry, the team has a player who's won at every level. He's a former World Cup Champion for the '98 French National Team who played in four World Cups for them.

In addition, he won in the English Premier League with Arsenal and La Liga with Barcelona FC. Recognized as a dangerous striker, Thierry has led the EPL in scoring four times. When it's said and done, the Red Bulls signing of Thierry Henry is the greatest New York signing since Pele signed with the New York Cosmos. 

Along with Henry's signing, it is rumored that the Red Bulls are in the process of signing Barcelona FC defender, Rafael Marquez. This is excellent news for Red Bull fans and team captain, Juan Pablo Angel.

Since his MLS arrival in 2007, Juan Pablo Angel has been the most consistent Designated Player in the League. While the league focused more on David Beckham and Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Juan Pablo has been a reliable scoring machine and has been an excellent ambassador for Major League Soccer.

Before Beckham helped lead the Los Angeles Galaxy to the 2009 MLS Cup, Juan Pablo led the Red Bulls to the 2008 MLS Cup. Granted they were humiliated 3-1 by the Columbus Crew, Juan Pablo proved that he's capable of leading a less talented team to the MLS Cup. For the first time in his career with the Red Bulls, Juan Pablo's going to have a complete team which is capable of winning the MLS Cup.

For the first time since the New York Cosmos, New York/New Jersey fans have a club which has the potential of being a Powerhouse for many MLS seasons to come. 

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