MLS: Red Bulls Zero in on D.C. United With Tie!

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MLS: Red Bulls Zero in on D.C. United With Tie!
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Harrison, NJ - After a month of the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals, Red Bull Arena was open for MLS action against D.C. United. Minus the vuvuzelas, the poor officiating, and Luis Suarez's handball, the fans of 16,239 were treated to a snoozer.

On the eve before the World Cup final before Holland and Spain, the New York Red Bulls played to a disappointing 0-0 tie against the lowly D.C. United. As a result, the Red Bulls missed their opportunity to regain the Eastern Conference lead over the Columbus Crew.

However, help is on the way when the Red Bulls introduce their new "Designated Player" on Thursday, July 15, 2010. It's safe to say that we know who's coming and with Steve Nash making a guest appearance at the game 99.9% confirming it, there's no reason for me to jinx the team by writing the name of the newest Red Bull.

The only good thing entertaining about Saturday's match were the Empire Supporters Club. Once again, they entertained the fans with their never-ending chants for the Red Bulls

On a brighter note, the Red Bulls end their first half of the season with a 8-5-2 record and have not lost in five regular MLS season games. Compare to last season where the Red Bulls were 2-10-3 after 15 games, it's safe to say this year's Red Bulls have already exceeded expectations.

Along with the addition of the newest Red Bull, the team's future can only get brighter and that's something that Red Bulls will appreciate.

Cesar Diaz is the Soccer Editor for Latino Sports. Please send him your questions and comments to

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