Law Of One Spaniard In MLS At A Time: Miguel Angel Mista to Toronto FC

Cristian SireraContributor IJuly 8, 2010

A CORUNA, SPAIN - DECEMBER 5: Andres Iniesta of Barcelona istackled by Miguel Mista during the La Liga match between Deportivo La Coruna and Barcelona at the Riazor stadium on December 5, 2009 in A Coruna, Spain. (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
Angel Martinez/Getty Images

As the European transfer window comes to an exciting high point, Major League Soccer announces the signing of Spanish striker Miguel Angel Ferrer, "Mista", until the end of the 2010 season, as a second designated player.

Mista, who has played for Valencia, Deportivo A Coruña and Atletico Madrid, has played near to 300 matches in Spain, including an amazing 2003/04 season for Valencia, where he managed to score 19 times in La Liga, and win the Spanish tournament, as well as the UEFA Cup.

Mista began his career in Real Madrid's B team, but was quickly bought by Rafael Benitez's Tenerife, scoring 22 goals in three seasons.

Valencia got ahold of the Murcian striker in 2001, and he did not disappoint. Five seasons and 40 goals with the team made him a favorite of the Valencian crowd, but a disappointing last season cut short his spell with the team from the East coast.

The last four years for Mista have been even more disappointing; he scored three goals for Atletico in the first season, and did not even make it to ten games in the second.

For Deportivo, he was slightly better, playing thirteen games each season, but only scoring once in every one of them. However, his skill with the ball and unselfishness when it comes to looking for the team's good before anything else makes him a valuable player for any team.

Mista is only 31 years of age, and even though he has only signed for half a season, he has the potential to be the surprise of the year, if he is fit enough to find playing time starting July 15.

Mista will coincide with another former Deportivo man, Julian de Guzmán, who was very excited to see the Spaniard in Toronto, and promised to help the striker as he starts to adapt to a new country, league and club.