Worldcup Finals 2010: Who Deserves It More?

Sal SalmanpourContributor IJuly 8, 2010

Orange or Red?

This is one hell of a World Cup matchup. Both teams just made history, because the winner of this World Cup Finals would be a first for either teams. This makes 2010 an interesting year, since the last team to win for their first time was in 1998 when France won in their homeland against Brazil. Plus, this will be the first European country to win in a non-European continent.

The Dutch made it to two consecutive World Cup Finals, losing to West Germany, 2-1, in 1974, and to Argentina, 3-1, in 1978. This year they have showed the world what they are capable of doing, and removing one of the most favorable teams out of the World Cup (Brazil). The team did a superb effort in winning all of their matches since the qualifications of the World Cup, can they keep this winning record alive and astonish the world and let many Dutch fans finally utter the sentence "We are Champions of the world!".

They have never won a World Cup, but were the favorites for many people for a while, as they dominated from November 2006 until June 2009, winning a record-tying 35 consecutive matches. In terms of the World Cup, the furthest they've ever gone has been the semifinals in 1950, and now that has been removed in their ranks as they finally have reached the finals for their first time ever! With such great new talents and squad, would they be able to outrank the Orange Dutchmen? What would be the feeling as they enter to the pitch knowing this is the finals of the World Cup and they are first of their country to be participating in such an event. Will they be able to let their fans chant in the end "Viva España de los campeones".

It's very hard to say who deserves it more, because both have their reasons of deserving the World Cup title. But, I predict that the Spanish team will take it all and give their first loss to the Netherlands. However, I hope it wouldn't crush their dream for their time and never get back up there. I would love to see either team win the World Cup title in the near future.

Tell me who do you think deserves the World Cup and why?