John Calipari is a Genius

Robert KahneContributor IJune 27, 2010

"Hey John, how many of your players went in the first round of the draft?"

So, Ben has popped off another one of his ridiculous posts, which I suppose I need to refute. Since I am still too frustrated at everyone's John Calipari hatred (ESPECIALLY Kentucky fans, who owe this man a LOT) to actually form my own thoughts, I thought I'd give you guys a taste of what other writers have said:

  • William Wesley in the Spotlight -- This is a fantastic article by True Hoop writer Henry Abbott, who was hired by ESPN in part because of his ability to provide answers about Worldwide Wes when no one else could. In the article, he details his 5+ years of work trying to figure this man out, and explains Wes' relationship with Cal. Apparently, Wes funnels kids to Calipari because Wes sees Calipari as the only coach in the game today who actually puts kids first.
  • More Silly Calipari Criticism -- From one of the best Kentucky blogs around, A Sea of Blue. Lead writer Truzenzuzex explains the term "hyperbole" to people who seem not to understand it (Ben).
  • Calipari Wasn't Talking To You -- Did you read that last article from Tru? Still don't believe Cal was being hyperbolic? Neither does this guy, Kevin Scarbinsky, of the Birmingham News. He thinks Calipari is the most honest guy in sports (even when saying that draft day was the greatest day in UK history), and explains why that's a good thing, especially for Kentucky fans.
  • Do People Hate John Calipari? (ESPN) & Why Does Everyone Hate John Calipari? (SB Nation) -- These two articles belong together. The SB Nation post explains why the Cal hate is dumb, and explains Calipari & Kentucky's inevitable rise to championship status, while calling out the hypocrites who jumped on the Bledsoe situation. The ESPN article goes a step further, calling the Cal haters (especially the ones in the media) selfish for hating on Calipari, and explains why we ALL ought to be grateful that this man is at Kentucky.
  • Coach Cal Back From Haiti -- And then, just for good measure, here is a story from WTVQ 36 about Coach Cal's trip to Haiti with the Red Cross and Samaritan's Feet. Here we are, bashing a coach who raised $1 MILLION for charity DURING THE SEASON. Shame on us.