What The USA Has In Store For The World Cup

Josh MulsowContributor IJune 18, 2010

“Nothing to Lose and Everything to Prove.”

Written by Josh Mulsow

                Soccer is on the BRINK! And America is about to experience a cultural phenomena that has never before been possible. With the unique diversity that our country possess we are going to see the World’s Game explode on our streets and in our favorite watering holes. Where else in the world could you walk down any street in a middle size city and have the opportunity to watch a match with a roomful of Japanese fans, Italians, the Samba stylin’ Brazilians, or the boozing Germans,  dancing and cheering their country on in the grandest  spectacle in sports.   With almost thirty percent of our country consisting of our neighbors to the south every city will have a section of town where the Mexican flag will be more prevalent than Anti-Obama stickers.  In other words every team is the home team and every game is a chance for you to get a firsthand look at the way soccer is celebrated in other cultures.   The world will be watching and for the first time America is invited to the party, hell we are hosting the party and all are welcome.  So go out and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience that is happening in your own back yard.

                The World Cup has a number of intriguing story lines building everyday with the numerous injuries to name stays from previous Cups. This opens the door for young new talent to shine, and shine they will. Some of the guys to keep an eye on besides Messi, Ronoldo, and Rooney, are Didier Drogba from the Ivory Coast, who was named to Time Magazine’s 2010 top 100 most influential people, after suffering a broken arm almost a week ago he has already returned to training with his teammates.  Samuel E’oto of Cameroon and his $42,000 watch wearing cast of mates who play exciting, all out futbol.  The American who might surprise the world and become a household name and one of the richest players in American history is Edison Buddle. This kid is only 20, named after the greatest player to ever touch a soccer ball, Pele, and has a knack for finding the back of the net. If paired with Jozy Altidore up front he will provide goose bump goals.

 The appeal of this World Cup comes from that fact that America is finally ready to mainstream soccer, its popular among the cool kids and it’s time to spend the advertising dollars to make these players into the endorsement icons that basketball and football have done previously.  Any one of the seven hundred and thirty six players participating in the world’s most democratic sporting event has the opportunity to change his stars and his life forever.  A stellar performance on the biggest stage on the planet will bring money men from the world of soccer begging for your services and billion dollar companies wanting your face associated with their products.  This World Cup has more financial potential than any sporting event in the universe, play above the rest and reap the rewards of money, power, and popularity that every athlete dreams of.  The United States team has the most to play for monetarily speaking, with a World Cup win the 23 man roster would spilt about 20 million dollars among them, around 870 thousand per player. A handsome reward for a lifetime of training and one exceptional tournament run.  On the flip side a modest 78 grand will be awarded to each USA player even if they don’t make it out of the group stage.

To indulge your every soccer desire and need are the countless mediums that will be showcasing the 2010 World Cup. With ESPN anchoring the coverage and airing some of the much anticipated matches on ABC, Soccer will finally have the format for the public to see it in all its glory, and in HD and 3D.  Although some of the games will be aired pretty early in the morning in our country we are lucky enough to have the greatest invention of the 21st century, DVR. Tape the game and watch it on your time.

Staying away from the internet all day while at work might cause some hassles for those who prefer not to know the outcome, and our cell phones constantly giving updates and receiving text messages from friends who have decided to share the score with us, even though we asked them not to, will all be part of the gloriousness that is this years’ World Cup.  You can listen to all the games on Sirius/XM, watch them live from Flo TV, stream them from ESPN3.com, and I am sure if apple has not already they will come out with an App in the next 24 hours.  YouTube will have an endless amount of new videos from great goals to vicious tackles posted within minutes of real time.  The fact that all these resources are at our fingertips makes this tournament what everyone will be talking about for the summer of 2010, make sure you are in the know. 

Anyone who has watched the better half of a United States Men’s National Team game in the last six years knows who Clint Dempsey is, and chances are you love him or hate him.  He is the Godfather of the field, how he plays will set the tempo for the rest of the team and the entire match.  He is the kind of player that can make you look stupid or hurt you, perhaps both on one move.  His aggressive attacking style along with crazy ill ball skills makes “Deuce” the catalysts for the US National Team. Clint’s other passion is Hip Hop music and for a skinny, white, soccer playing guy, he actually ain’t that bad.  You can catch Dempsey laying down a tight rhyme on You Tube with his 2006 “Don’t Tread,” along with some of his boys from Houston. His gangster persona has tagged him as the emotional leader of this team and he wears those emotions on his sleeves, you will clearly see how the USA and Dempsey are playing by his facial expression on the pitch.  CD has broken the jaws of teammates and opponents alike and is not afraid of anyone in the world and when we take the field on Saturday against the super power, England, look for him to establish an authoritative mentality that the Americans will not go quietly into the night.  The 2010 World Cup from South Africa will provide the stage for what may be the One opportunity that soccer has waited for in this country, question is will you be watching?