Why Signing Benayoun Will Not Be That Bad

chelsea fanaticContributor IJune 15, 2010

    Here are the reasons why I think so ---

1 - Will Come Cheap Price ---- If club is in serious effort to achieve the self-sufficiency then bringing him will be good decision cause he will come cheap compared to any other star winger (though Benayoun is not that much of star). Shelling out 20-30 million on some player from South America or Spain who have altogether different style of play makes no sense when we can sign the player who has played in England for the long time.

2 -- Used To The Premier League ---- Like I said above it matters a lot if you got the experience to play in the premier league. So if Benayoun comes he will not take time to settle down in the premier league.

3 --- Low Wage Demands ---- Its said that Joe's departure from Chelsea was mainly because of his high wage demands which club was not ready to entertain. Instead Benayoun will be demanding lower wages and that will be key thing in his signing.

Team Mates Next Season??
4 ---- Will Be Cover For Youngsters ---- Chelsea's whole batch from the heavily invested youth academy is about to graduate and are preparing themselves to take on bigger stage. Though its soothing sign for any Blue still those young lads will need the experience and they will be brought to first team gradually instead of exposing them in all one band. So till the time these players get fully used to the premier league game Benayoun will be used as cover. And by the time i.e. in upcoming two-three seasons these youngsters will be all set for the full games Benayoun will at the twilight of his career.

5 ----- Good Deal For Liverool (?) ---- Already financially struggling Liverpool wouldn't ever have given a though that they will be receiving offers for Benayoun who is played marginal role for them last season. So receiving something about which they would have never given a second thought will be good for them too. (I hope so)

That's why I believe arrival of Benayoun will not be that troublesome for Chelsea.

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