World Cup 2010 Previews: America Should Care

John StitzContributor IJune 9, 2010

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 09:  A young boy kicks a ball during a school coaching clinic in Fisantekrall township on June 9, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.  (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)
Lars Baron/Getty Images

It's hard to believe it has been four years already since Italy defeated France in Germany to hoist the World Cup (At least France defeated Italy in something that day.) The attention around the world was set on Deutschland for two weeks. Except for America.

The United States has always not been very enthusiastic about the world's most popular sport. Sure, there are plenty of soccer nuts out there, but the excitement and passion of the game pales in comparison to that in England or Spain.

I know this article will not mean much. If David Beckham could not get America to care about soccer (we were a little excited about this ), how can I?

Well, let's look at it this way.

Remember the Olympics in Beijing? Or even the Vancouver games four months ago? It seems that we couldn't get enough of that.

Well, for the rest of the world, comparing the Olympics to the World Cup is like comparing Gary Coleman (RIP) to this guy .

The World Cup literally stops work in Germany. People actually get a WORLD CUP VACATION. (If only we could get a vacation for this .)

Soccer actually can spur crimes (See what France won up at the top). People actually get stabbed at games over arguments. Only time I see that here is when this happens.

Why don't we win the World Cup?

Because nobody cares. If we paid attention or actually encouraged these kids to actually practice soccer, maybe we would make the final sixteen.

Also, this year the States actually have a good squad to work with this time. They are in an easy pool so they could definitely advance. It's too bad that we can't win the whole thing because France cheats .

But even though our chances are thin, there are plenty of good stories surrounding this team. A goalkeeper from the United States is making a World Cup despite being afflicted with Tourette's syndrome.

There are also tons of young kids, even kids under 20 years old, who are entering the global spotlight in what may be what the highlight of their lives.

The World Cup is being held in South Africa this year. This is a great event for the country to make things a bit brighter after getting out of the Apartheid era not too long ago. Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandella (the real one, not Morgan Freeman) will be in attendance.

We are already too distant from the rest of the world. We don't even have the same measurement system and we do not spell color with a "u". We also have a high drinking age compared to Russia, where you see kids who haven't even reached puberty getting hammered. Not to mention we don't even call soccer football like everyone else.

Let's open ourselves up. Let's care about and admire the event that the rest of the World is so excited for.

Let's cheer on our country. Watch some soccer.

The United States plays England on Saturday. It will be airing on ESPN. Please watch it.

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