World Cup 2010 Predictions: The World Cup, the Hype and the Pride of a Nation

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst IJune 8, 2010

ATTERIDGEVILLE, SOUTH AFRICA- JUNE 05: South African supporters before the International Friendly Match between South Africa and Denmark from Super Stadium on June 05, 2010 in Atteridgeville, South Africa. (Photo by Lefty Shivambu / Gallo Images / Getty Images)
Gallo Images/Getty Images

With every newspaper article, magazine cover, radio, and television advertisements all capturing some angle on this global show piece, South Africa has become something like a National Arena filled with patriotic supporters.

In the past, South Africa had the opportunity to host major sporting events, The Rugby World Cup in 1995, the Cricket World Cup in 2003, and many other events that drew large audiences.

But the Soccer World Cup—or Football as it's known in Europe—brings some extra spice and flavour, a known fact is that football attracts more people, a global audience, an unimaginable spectacle.

In a country that's still suffering great effects from the apartheid era, racism, religious differences, and class issues, in some ways the World Cup has brought people together.

While many would have taught that we have embraced democracy and the new ANC leadership, the recent spat of violence and controversial political comments has divided many, but we seem to have put that aside for now and welcome the world to our great nation.

South Africa has embraced the World Cup, the hype, excitement, and fever can be felt everywhere you go. Flags almost on every car that drives by, mirror socks, the National Team Jersey now holds more respect, Football Friday has become more like football week, as the time nears towards the kick-off on June 11th .

From retail stores to supermarkets, wholesalers to car dealership, they all fly the South Africa Flag in support of our Boys, the fact that South Africa are ranked in the mid 80's in terms of the FIFA Rankings doesn't in the slightest bit affect the growing support of the National Team.

Another motivational factor that has made South Africans believe more than they did a few months ago is the current performances and winning attitude that the team displays.

Personally I'm a very patriotic South African, a devout cricket fan no matter how many times we faltered during big competitions, naturally proud of the Springboks, our Rugby team, who are the current World Champions. So the belief that Bafana Bafana can progress beyond the group stages is not one of hope, but rather confidence in the players.

When people think of South Africa they somehow are able to come up with ten facts, but more than often eight out of the ten are negative. Crime, corruptions, Apartheid, racism, theft etc.

We are more than that, yes those are some of the evils that occur in our land, but we have greatness to offer, we pride ourselves on welcoming tourists year in and year out, we boast some of the best Wild Life, the best Holiday destinations, and some of the best beaches and resorts.

So as you get ready to watch your team at the World Cup, whether on television or at the stadia, enjoy, embrace and live the world cup, join the spirit of Africa and sing the songs of Mzansi .

As we blow our Vuvuzella's, fly the flag, brace our hearts to the tune of the National Anthem, cheer every goal, clap to every beat, remember that as much as the World Cup might be on African soil, it belongs to everyone.

Let the positive vibe of this rainbow nation lead you to unlimited treasures.