2010 FIFA World Cup: Top Class Players Injured a Week Before The Tournament

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJune 6, 2010

Some players may believe they are cursed, Rio Ferdinand one of them. But a week before the tournament begins, theres a vast number of injured players.

In the couple of days before their first game, players from all over the world are picking up injuries in training and friendly warm-up games.

There are two players in the England team who won't play in this years World Cup.

Known all over the world for his free kicks, his numerous hairstyles, his popstar wife (who can't sing), and his friendship with Tom Cruise; David Beckham tore his left Achilles tendon in at the end of the season while playing on loan at AC Milan.

He was ruled out for playing but he has travelled to South Africa to help coach the team along with Fabio Capello.

Beckham's team mate Rio Ferdinand has said that he is cursed after being heartbroken at his last three world cup, where he was left sobbing on the pitch.

This time he won't even make it onto the pitch after he injured his left knee while defending against Emile Heskey in his first training session in South Africa.

Chelsea and Ivory Coast's star striker, Didier Drogba, was involved in a bone crunching collision, when playing a friendly against Japan.

His arm collided with a Japanese players leg, which resulted in a broken arm. He has not been completely ruled out of the competition, but it is a set back for Côte d'Ivoire, as he may not play if they dont get past the group stages.

The Italian Andrea Pirlo, back home in Milan with picking up a calf injury.

Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar has missed the last two consecutive training days  as he recovers from a back injury, but doctors have said he may be able to play in their opener against North Korea.

England's number one keeper, David James is practicing on his own as his knee is giving him worries.

Injuries have hit teams in each continent. Some are tornament ending injuries, while others will be healed by the time the world cup gets into flow.

It is entertaining seeing plyers sliding in to tackle and win the ball, but when it goes wrong it even the spectators feel the pain.