2010 FIFA World Cup: All Eyes Will Be on the Ball

Kristian SiutaCorrespondent IIMarch 23, 2017

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Can you think of one event that captures the world’s excitement from beginning to end, not just for one single moment, but for a whole month?

The World Cup is a festival that only comes around every four years, however, it is a time for the world to celebrate a sport cherished from country to country. Every single one of the teams in the tournament has their respective success stories in mind, but the ultimate stage to watch a dream run conclude is the World Cup final.

From Slovenia, the smallest populated country in the tournament, to the world soccer powers Brazil, Italy, and Germany, each team has that dream to hoist the world’s most coveted trophy at the end of the tournament.

Only one country will be able to lift up the golden trophy, but the entire country represented will embark on a lifetime of celebration and memories about a dream come true one summer in South Africa.

Each team will step out onto that bright green grass, in front of a packed stadium, with vibrant and lively colors draping the stadium from top to bottom. Every single eye inside the stadium, and around the world, will be glued to a ball.

The tournament ball that has already been highly controversial because of the revolutionary "grip and groove" technology has made it both perfectly round and extremely aerodynamic. All the controversy regarding the ball has started even before the opening match.

However, with that being said, the teams walking out onto the pitch will face the same challenge of scoring and defending, with the same ball.

The entertainment value for all the spectators present, and watching from each corner of the globe, is already sky high. If the ball adds even more excitement and scoring to the contests that does not seem to be a terribly bad enhancement to an already entertaining showcase.

Teams are now experiencing the new “revolutionized” ball for the first time, in recent friendly tune-ups for the grand stage, and the scores have not increased or decreased greatly. But if a team’s concerns are revolving around the ball, rather than the match at hand, then that team is already defeated—end of story.

The show will be for the fans, and the celebrations will commence by all who progress through the stages,

As always in story of great triumph, the story of defeat rips apart a country’s hope with one shot or one mistake. It is the moments that define success or defeat that make the story.

Without the World Cup, there would be no “hand of God” goal. No one would have witnessed Geoff Hurst’s third goal in England’s World Cup Final in 1966 or even Zidane’s headbutt just four years ago.

Every second during the World Cup is a pins-and-needles moment for all involved.

For the smaller countries, there will be a shot at upsetting a superpower like Brazil. There will be the surprise team of the tournament that advances to once-uncharted territories.

All of these moments will be captured in the coming weeks.

Emotions will run high, from the opening ceremony to the trophy presentation. The smiles, tears, controversy, and excitement is all about to get underway.

The journey to South Africa is just days away. Cherish every moment while it lasts. Every 90 minutes, a country’s fate can change, from the biggest to the smallest—and it all revolves around one ball.