England World Cup Roster: Formations, Squad Decision and Theo Walcott

Akhil VyasCorrespondent IJune 1, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 24:  Theo Walcott of England in action during the International Friendly match between England and Mexico at Wembley Stadium on May 24, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

If you had asked me a few days ago if Theo Walcott had made it to South Africa then I would have said YES.


I would say yes because of what I have seen this season.


Fabio Capello has always said he picks players on club form and that’s why Michael Owen never got a chance and I thought it was a brave statement to make but a good one.


Then he picks Matthew Upson over Michael Dawson. Even as an Arsenal fan, I can admit that Dawson has been immense this season and certainly in the run in and end of the season. Spurs got into the Champions league because of their whole squad but Dawson and King at the back was a big part of that. The fact that Dawson didn’t even get a chance in the friendlies really surprised me.


What is the point of bringing someone into the squad then not giving them a chance?


If Fabio was picking players on club form then I must have missed something because I can’t remember Emile Heskey or Shaun Wright Phillips in their respected teams much this season. I do rate both players and think they do a job but purely based on what Fabio Capello has said, why are they in the squad. They didn’t even play much of a part in the friendlies either. Wayne Rooney has said that he enjoys playing along side Heskey; however can you base your team on what a player says? I am not so sure.


Talking about Wayne Rooney, Manchester United have more often then not played a 4 5 1 with Wayne Rooney up front on his own and he did a VERY good job.


In Friendlies, Most teams experiment and try new things and I am shocked the 4 5 1 /4 3 2 1 has not been tried with perhaps Steven Gerrard playing slightly behind Wayne Rooney or playing Stevie G wide and playing Frank Lampard in the position he plays for Chelsea. All these experiments are things I would have tried in the build up for the world cup.


This brings me on to my passionate subject and that is Theo Walcott. Fabio Capello said he knew his 23 before the Japan game but still started with Theo Walcott, this did not make sense to me. This was another reason why I thought Theo was in.


In the games leading up to the world cup I would have tried Theo as a sub and brought him on to torment the tiring defenders late on in a game. Instead, Theo started games and it was not only him that did not perform well, the whole starting line up against Japan were poor but Theo seemed to be made a scapegoat. 


I will give you a scenario here:


60 minutes have past and England is one goal down to a big team such as Spain or Italy. Who would you rather bring on, Theo Walcott or Shaun Wright Phillips.


I would pick Theo Walcott all day long. Shaun Wright Phillips came on against Japan and did well but Theo Walcott did it against Barcelona. He came on at the Emirates, a game I was lucky enough to be present at and completely changed the game and brought his team back into the tie. He scored a goal based purely on his pace. The tiring left back Maxwell simply could not deal with him. He proved what an asset he can be.


The one game England needed and wanted to win in the qualifiers was that away trip in Zagreb and Theo Walcott scored three goals and won the game for England.


Theo has won a tough game for England and also changed games for Arsenal against the BIG oppositions like Barcelona and Liverpool, I am sure everyone remembers THAT run!


It’s safe to say I am very confused about the day’s events but as an England fan, will support the country and the manager but will not understand some of his decisions.


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