2010 World Cup: Turkish National Team Back to Work

AHMET BOB TURGUTCorrespondent IMay 25, 2010

After Turkey's top man, Guss Hiddink, gave his players one day to enjoy Turkish Festival in Manhattan and boat ride around Manhattan island yesterday, the preparations started on Monday for the Northern Ireland match in Veterans Stadium (New Britain, Connecticut) on Wendsday. 

The stadium is prety small and The local high school uses the pitch for their soccer match.

Mehmet Topal and Mehmet Topuz did not practiced with the team today and Hamit Altintop joined the camp but he will not start to practice for another day.

The bulk of the players who participated in training and after training without the ball, Training, lasted approximately two hours.

At the end of the players had to do "Halay" Turkish dance for the punishment!

Turkey Football Federation Chairman Mahmut Özgener followed the practice too. 

Turkish National Team will face Northern Ireland on  Wednesday  at 13:45 pm ET, in a high school soccer field..

It will be high, Low and High, roller coaster matches for Turkish National team after playing in front of near 17 thousand fans. They will not see that much fans on Wednesday afternoon in Veterans stadium..

But, Hold on....Against USA in Philadelphia in the send of match for US Mens National team there will be full house in the Financial Stadium.

There will be a lot of USA fans and Turkish American fans at this important match.

US coach Bradley will put his real team that he will use in the world cup tournament.

As far as Turkey, The players have to show them self to the new coach Gusss Hiddink.

That is why with a huge crowd in hand and excellent stadium it should be good match on Saturday in Philly.

The Turkish American friendship should be at work in this match...

Lastly, we Turkish-Americans don't want to be like Mexico fans in the United States!

We still remember those moments back in 2002 in S. Korea, after the match , both team players saluted the fans in hand and hand....

That's what Turkish National team do on Saturday in Philly....

Support the USA team who is going to the biggest dance in the world.