World Cup: England Fans NOT Allowed To Fly the Flag in Support

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 22, 2010

England fans have been ordered by police to take down St George’s flags on his  house so that it would not offend foreigners.

Flags are being taken down all over the country by stupid people.

A 79-year-old lady had flags cut down off of a lamppost outside her house by police, who left them in a bush for her to find. This was because the flags were a health and saftey issue.

How is a flag a health and saftey issue? It was meters above anyone's head.

In Worksop, Nottinghamshire, police officers ordered a woman to remove her flags down from her balcony, after complaints from people from other countries.

Would the police order these foriegn people to remove flags from their country, or would they be scared of being called racist?

Another man, also from Worksop, was told by Lincoln police officers to remove flags from his car.

Im sorry, but how many cars have you seen with a flag on it? There are millions of car flags being sold, and they will be flying from cars during the World Cup. These officers were going too far and have no common sense.

However, Tony Baddams has covered every inch of his house in flags. It cost him £180 to get the 250 flags. Even the windows have been covered up by flags.

How can one person be not allowed to fly one flag, and another be allowed to fly 250?

Some 96 percent of the English public have said that flying the St George’s flag was not racist.

So why are so many flags being taken down in order not to offend people not from this country?

Even the new Conservative-LibDem coalition Government has told councils to show more “common sense” when dealing with flags supporting England, describing the flag as a “proud symbol of our identity."

Just let us support our country.

If someone tells you to take down your England flag say...UP YOURS.